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 04-Jun-2013    Lahti, Finland
Happy Gymnastics  
 2013 'SUN LAHTI' & XIV. Worlds of Aesthetic Group Gymnastics

The Finnish city of Lahti will host a major gymnastics event, the GYM-Festival "Sun Lahti 2013" on 6- 9 June 2013, altogether 15.000 gymnasts are expected to join the festival.  Sun Lahti will begin on Thursday, June 06, with a festive parade and an opening ceremony.
The closing ceremony on Sunday will include large group performances with thousands of gymnasts.
During Friday and Sunday there will be a number of activities for everyone to enjoy.

"World Championships in Aesthetic Group Gymnastics" will be one important event and part of the GYM-Festival  "Sun Lahti"....
  .. full story >>

 06-Feb-2013    Chikago, USA
Happy Gymnastics  

' ... but also an
American Turnfest for EVERYONE'!

The German Wheel conquers the world!
To the very first time the Wheel Gymnastics World Championships will held outside of Europe.
The "International Wheel Gymnastics Federation" (IRV)  awarded the championships for the first time at the National Wheel Gymnastics Association of the USA, supported by the American Sokol.
This event  will take place July 8th-14th, 2013 in Chicago, Illinois on the campuses of North Park University and North Eastern Illinois University.
  .. full story >>

 03-Dec-2012    Cran Canaria, Spain
Happy Gymnastics  
 52nd International GymFestival BLUME GRAN CANARIA finished

* Founding Member of
'European GYM Festivals'

The 52nd International Sports Festival "BLUME - GRAN CANARIA 2012" -  dated from November 23  to December 1st on the Spanish island of the "eternal spring" of Gran Canaria finished after a wounderful week with a a colorful closing show just again in full action!
The program started with the 13th TeamGym competition, which took place on the campus of the University of Las Palmas (Gran Canaria/ESP). 
The cities of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Agüimes, Arucas, Ingenio, Maspalomas, Mogán, Telde, Tafira offered many opportunities for the organization of events in halls. The mostly open-air demonstrations took place also on the beach of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, in Canteras, in the park of Santa Catalina, in the swimming pool Julio Navarro and the popular shopping centers "Yumbo" and other places. The Spanish hosts for over half a century, organized again a colorfull program to its motion-hungry customers from around the world.
See you again at the 53rd BLUME Festival Gran Canaria 2013*
*... daily 2012 GYMmedia coverages on :

 29-Nov-2012    Playa del Ingles, Gran Canaria
Happy Gymnastics  
 Ex-Gym Stars from Switzerland and Germany as flower-guests

In the middle of turbulent and full-action of the BLUME Festival, not as solists, but as members of their vational clubs, we discoverd two former gym-stars from Switzerland and from Germany, who realized their personal Blume Gran Canaria Festival premiere:

<<  More in the background we discoverd the 37-years old Dieter "Didi" REHM, who was the only one Swiss Olympic Finalist 2000 in Sydney among the top eight on vault and highbar ...

<< Costumed and dressed as an African Zebra the Olympic silver medallist from 1988 (Seoul) on uneven bars, Dagmar KERSTEN, from the bronze GDR team, experiences her BLUME Festival premiere in full-action with her team from the club TB Oldenburg and celebrated on the Island of eternal spring wonderful aesthetic performances....
  .. full story >>

 07-Jul-2012    Riccione, Italy
Happy Gymnastics  
 *Member of EGF
11. Festival del Sole in Riccione closed with colorfull action ...

With a colorful and breathtakingly and beautiful closing ceremony ended some stirring days of the 11th Edition of the "Festival of the Sun 2012" in Riccione, Italy, near Rimini.
Even on the last day there were many places and events group stage performances and programs of the participants from many countries that had a big public appearance.
The focus of this 11th Festivals were but - apart from the diversity of creative movement -  the meetings of the representatives of active and dynamic European youth.
This Festival del Sole - one of the founding member of the community "European GYM-festival" (EGF),  is a living example of cultural integration of the continent, too,  especially in times of economic crisis reports ...
  .. full story >>

 03-Jul-2012    Berlin, Germany
Happy Gymnastics  
 ISCA starts campaign up to 2020: +100 Million more Europeans active ...

ISCA President & Präsident of DGI

From July 2 to 3 were representatives of general sports and composed of gymnastics federations from 19 different  European countries in the Berlin hotel "Sylter Hof" for a so called kick-off meeting of a landmark European campaign:
By the year 2020 will be brought +100 million more Europeans "in motion" to regular sports or other types being moved activate.
This initiative is initiated and led by the "International Sport and Culture Association" (ISCA), whose president, the Dane, Mogens KIRKEBY it gave detailed information about the start action:
With a pan-European "MOVE WEEK" ( - first week in October 2012) as a first step, the prelude to complete.

This one had met in Berlin with creative media expertise to a discussion board, which includes the EGF-founding member of the "Festival BLUME Gran Canaria" and the European Gymnastics Service "GYMmedia INTERNATIONAL" included ...
  .. full story >>

 02-Jul-2012    Riccione, Italy
Happy Gymnastics  
 *Member of EGF
'11th Festival del Sole' wih a big Opening Ceremony opened

Despite the European Football Championship finals with Italian participation did the opening ceremony of the "11th FESTIVAL OF THE SUN" absolutely no harm in Riccione, Italy.
About 3,500 guests and 150 groups from 17 countries witnessed on Sunday evening, a grand opening ceremony at the Arena de Roma on the beach of Riccione.
In a cross-section was the most diverse content to see everything from acrobatics, aerobics, Akrogymnastik, trampolining and TeamGym, classical and modern dance, hip hop, streat dance, obstacle course ... and also workshops, training opportunities and hands-on stage at the beach, parties at various ... 
Gymnast heart what do you want more!
The "Festival del Sole" is a founding member of the "European Gym Festival" (EGF).
* Find more:  .. full story >>

 17-May-2012    Heilbronn, Stuttgart
Happy Gymnastics  
 EGF invites: 'Landesturnfest 2012 in Swabia, Germany opened ...

Member of EGF:
Landesturnfest 2012, Heilbronn


The Landesturnfest HEILBRONN 2012 continues a long gymnastics tradition. Already in 1846, 35 gymnastics communities from 32 towns met to celebrate the second Landesturnfest in the town on the Neckar River.
This marked the beginning of Heilbronn's reputation as a gymnastics city. Gymnastics and the gymnastics movement run like a golden thread through the history of Heilbronn. In 2012, thousands of gymnasts sre visiting the so-called "Käthchenstadt" again, which will make Heilbronn the Turnfest record holder. In addition, the Landesturnfest will also celebrate two very special anniversaries: In 2012, the Turngau Heilbronn celebrates it 150th and the state Baden-Wuerttemberg its 60th anniversary.  .. full story >>

 04-Jan-2012    Las Palmas / Gran Canaria, Spain
Happy Gymnastics  
 Jesus TELO:
With the 52nd Blume Gran Canaria we round off the Olympic Year 2012!

Jesus Telo (right) with the government representive Felix Noda (Gran Canaria)

The Canary gymnastics functionary Jesus TELO, Jr., of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (Spain) is wellknown as the soulful ambassadors of the popular Blume Gran Canaria Festival.
Despite the eventful 2011 World Gym-year succeeded him and his team of the Canary Organizing Committee, even the 51st BLUME Gran Canaria Festival again in 2011 to have a hopeful on future-oriented "festival withheart" are.

New impulses - not only in the Canary Islands - he sat also internationally, together with German, Italian and Danish festival organizers, by the new "European GYM Festival Network" (EGF), the community chose to take more and more international operators.

GYMmedia INTERNATIONAL spoke with Jesus TELO ...:  .. full story >>

 29-Dec-2011    Riccione, Italy
Happy Gymnastics  
 European GYM Festival (EGF): Waiting List for the 11. Festival del Sole 2012

Less than 30 days after opening registrations, the Italian organizers of the 11th FESTIVAL del SOLE 2012 have already reached the number of 120 participating groups and thus they declared that we have closed the registrations for this edition of the Festival del Sole.
In case you have not been able to register yet, please note that you can put your group in the waiting list, by sending us the registration form starting today.
The groups that will be placed on the waiting list will have to wait until March 31, 2012 to find out if they can still participate.
By that date all the groups currently registered must confirm their participation at the Festival del Sole by completing the payment of the deposit for the hotel reservation.. full story >>

 04-Dec-2011    Las Palmas, Gran Canaria
Happy Gymnastics  
 51st BLUME Gran Canaria - a week full with gymnastics action programs finished now!

Gran Canaria
finished on Saturday!

After the great anniversary celebrations for the 50th time of the festival in 2010 now again the participants visited Gran Canaria:
From  2011, November 24th to December 3rd  the "Island of the eternal spring" presented for the 51st time the gymnastics festival "BLUME GRAN CANARIA" again. One of the highlight was the BLUME-Gala Thursday evening in Las Palmas and on Saturday helds the Closing event in Las Palmas.
Again it was a colourful festival, divided into 34 gymnastics events in 6 different areas and cities on the Island, like Arucas, Ingenio, Las Palmas on Gran Canaria, Mogán, San Bartolomé de Tirajana and Telde, with more than 5,200 participants from 192 national and 40 international groups.
About 720 international guests came from 12 different countries, mainly from central Europe, Scandinavia, the Capverdian Islands and Great Britain.
* ... look at >> 

 28-Sep-2011    Riccione, Italy
Happy Gymnastics  
 Letter of Indication:
* ... a EGF Newsletter from the 2012 Italian Festival del Sole

E G F - Founder "Festival del Sole"
annonced it next Edition 2012
The organizers of the "Festival del Sole" announced its next and 11th Edition, wich will held 2012, from July 01 - 06 in Riccione, Italy.

Together with the Swabian host of "Gymfestival 2011" and the Spanish "Blume-Gran Canaria Festival" the Italian organizers of "Festival del Sole" founded the "EUROPEAN GYM FESTIVAL" (EGF) Organisation, ...
... which means also an invitation to all European and global Gym Festival event organizers to join in a system of better and global communication

* ... read the last NEWSLETTER from the Italian Organizers:  .. full story >>

 17-Jul-2011    Lausanne, Switzerland
Happy Gymnastics  
 This was the 14th WORLD GYMNAESTRADA 2011: 'We met the Magic'!

Lausanne, 10. - 16. Juli 2011


With the support of "SPIETH Gymnastic" the European Gymnastic Service "GYMmedia INTERNATIONAL" reported every day from the events of the 14th WORLD GYMNAESTRADA 2011, which was held from July 10 - 16 in Lausanne, Switzerland ...
  .. full story >>

 16-Jul-2011    Lausanne, Switzerland
Happy Gymnastics  
 Saturday - World Gymnaestrada - Final Day:
The FIG-Gala - and the Closing Ceremony at the Olympic Stadium

"We met the Magic!"
* fig---:
Although the skies smiled once again on the Pontaise Olympic Stadium, when spectators and the 19,100 participants at the 14th World Gymnaestrada gathered for the final act at the Closing Ceremony, there was already a feeling of nostalgia in Lausanne as it was time to say goodbye.
With a full week of wonderful gymnastic performances as well as a celebration of friendship and cultural diversity now behind us, it is no exaggeration to say that the World Gymnaestrada has touched our hearts once again.
This exceptional event united gymnasts of all ages and fitness levels from all corners of the planet in their passion for their sport, bringing amazing energy to the host city and creating a festive atmosphere throughout the week.  .. full story >>

 16-Jul-2011    Lausanne, Switzerland
Happy Gymnastics  
 Friday - Weltgymnaestrada - Day 6
The 'EGF Idea' sparks Interest at the Gymnaestrada in Lausanne ...

Lene ELNIFF from Italian Festival del Sole and Blume-Chef Jesus TELO (ESP)

Jesus Telo, the chief-organizer of the Spanish BLUME-Gran Canaria festival, was overwhelmed by the general interest: "I believe, a lot of European and global festival organizers are infected now from our idea of an international cooperation. That's what the new association of "European GYM Festivals" (EGF) - which we founded last year -  wants!"- so the Spaniard said to the EGF press conference, which was held at the World Gymnaestrada in Lausanne.
The  E G F  was started by the Swabian "GymFestival" organizers", the Italian "Festival del Sole" and "Blume Gran Canaria Festival".
"We disposed here more than 15,000 flyers and arranged a special press conference, to promote our EGF idea, and we attracted worldwide attention, because a better communication is very important for a global understanding in a modern world!  .. full story >>

 15-Jul-2011    Lausanne, Switzerland
Happy Gymnastics  
 (5) Thursday - Weltgymnaestrada - Day 5
WORLD RECORD at swinging Rings: 790 double sault in 1,200 seconds

First date was Wednesday, but because bad weather and too much wind the really running to break the record on swinging rings was realized at Thursday evening in the Gymnaestrada village Bellerive:

* 790 double sault inside 1,200 seconds

and after this time of twenty minutes a new Guiness world record was born and it rained confetti.

75 male and 3 female gymnasts and 36 assistents were happy and celebrated a crazy victory celebration, noticed into the "Guinesss Book of World Record" at an event otherwise any points, scores or matches ...  .. full story >>

 13-Jul-2011    Lausanne, Switzerland
Happy Gymnastics  
 (4) Wednesday - Weltgymnaestrada - Day 4
... an overwhelming variety of Group Performances

From the beginning on of these Gymnaestrada days here in Lausanne and every day a multiplicity of group performances engraved the atmoshere and the schedule at many places and stages in Lausanne ...

 The Danish group  Espergaerde IF (photo, lft) and all the other groups of all the other countries and national gymnastic federations present their best formations and national programs, so the visitors takes pleasure in the halls, around the stages or at the street performances in the city of Lausanne
  .. full story >>

 12-Jul-2011    Lausanne, Switzerland
Happy Gymnastics  
 (3) Tuesday: World Gymnaestrada - Day 3
Exotical Programs: Africa, Brazil as well as Italy and Germany

African & Brazilian Evening
Italian & German Evening

<< "African Magic" - it was an unforgetable evening of the colors of Africa on Tuesday in the Hall Malley. 500 participants from 11 to 70 years old used the occasion to move to the rhythm of vibrant music. The South African gymnasts  represented the culture of their country rich in diversity and traditions by a choreography of Maureen van Rooyen ... 
"The Time Machine" - after than, in the same venue, came Brazil, traveling through the time, honoring Switzerland returning to our past and relive the Swiss colonisation of Brazil, when the caravelles arrived in 1819 in Rio de Janeiro with Swiss families abord was the foundation of Nova Friburgo, also traveling through Brazil, the Indians of today, an evening full with beauty, joy and emotion thanks to happy gymnasts!
Italy's motto was "Dancing in the Night" - gymnastics, fun, and magic -  in a mix of fantasy and music to dance all together in this Italian night. About 200 gymnasts from 10 to 60 years performed in a delicate mix of Italian fantasy, fun characters of cartoons, acrobats and memories of Italian films and music to share their emotion with the audience. An Evening that lets the public dream and dance on the wings of fantasy. ...
"Kaleidoscope of Movement" - the German Evening at Lausanne ...  .. full story >>

 11-Jul-2011    Lausanne, Switzerland
Happy Gymnastics  
 (2) Monday: Weltgymnaestrada - Day 2
First National Evenings with Host Switzerland, Austria, France

"Meet the Swiss Dream" - Welcome to the Swiss Evening! So the Swiss invitation to gymnastic specialties that Swiss hosts has to offer: All manner of gymnastic apparatuses, in particular the rings, the trampoline, dance as well as acrobatics. Swiss hosts welcomed all participants and guests to Lausanne! ...
" Austria is a Paradise" - The Austrians suprised with dreamfull choreographies of the gymnastic associations of Austria. Thirteen gymnastic associations lead  through the multi-color universe of dance, acrobatics and gymnastic apparatuses. The visitors were dazzled by the fantastic costumes and stories and lived magical moments ... The waves of the Danube and Pop Music join in the rhythm of the evening which ends with Spring by Vivaldi. .
"Voyage en France" - performing the adventures of the family Lefrançais abross France ... from the beaches of Saint Tropez to the magnificent Ski Resort of Chamonix, not forgeting the festivities of the 14th of July in Roquefort, finishing in the marvelous city of Paris!
A very French Show that goes with good cheer, dance and gymnastics!  .. full story >>

 10-Jul-2011    Lausanne, Switzerland
Happy Gymnastics  
 (1) Sunday: World Gymnaestrada - Day 1
14th WORLD GYMNAESTRADA 2011 is opened and starts with full program ...

Invasion of Nations

With an emotional Opening Ceremony the 14th World Gymnaestrada 2011 was opened on Sunday afternoon in the Olympic Stadium  ist am Pontaise in Lausanne, Switzerland.
From Monday, July 11 to Saturday July 16 more than 1.800 different events of all the manyfold possibilities of gymnastics will held in the Olympic City of Lausanne under the slogan "Meet the Magic"!

Supported by the German company
"SPIETH Gymnastic" our European Gymnastic Service "GYMmedia INTERNATIONAL" will report directly and every day with small summaries of this colorfull festival of sport, fun, health, motion and international understanding ...  .. full story >>

 08-Jul-2011    Stuttgart, Germany
Happy Gymnastics  
 * GYMfamily Event
GYMfestival 2011 Stuttgart - to the first time also a 'EGF-Festival'

Dress Rehearsal for the Worldgymnaestrada
The GymFestival 2011 (July 09 - 10) in Stuttgart (GER) is connected with the Children & Youth Festival Stuttgart, organized for kids and teenies and families to have fun and action with different kinds of sports in the middle of the Swabian metropole. A peculiar international charm is the fact, that this "Gymfestival 2011" is a part pf the new cooperation of the „European Gym Festivals“ (EGF), - a special fusion of different Europen Gym Festivals, like > or >, some days before the World Gymnaestrada will start in Lausanne. So also numerous international groups and delegation will make a side trip to Stuttgart on their way to Lausanne...
* ... read more on > 

 04-May-2011    Riccione, Italy
Happy Gymnastics  
 * ... an E G F - Event
2012 'FESTIVAL DEL SOLE' in Riccione

E G F - Founder "Festival del Sole"
annonced it next Edition 2012

The organizers of the "Festival del Sole" announced its next and 11th Edition, wich will held 2012, from July 01 - 06 in Riccione, Italy.

Together with the Swabian host of "Gymfestival 2011" and the Spanish "Blume-Gran Canaria Festival" the Italian organizers of  "Festival del Sole" founded the "EUROPEAN GYM FESTIVAL" (EGF) Organisation, ...

... which means also an invitation to all European and global Gym Festival event organizers to join in a system of better and global communication ....  .. full story >>

 15-Feb-2011    Braunlage, Las Palmas, Stuttgart
Happy Gymnastics  
 'EGF' - a new Cooperation of European Gym Festivals

EGF Founder

After the big success of the 50th anniversary of the "Festival BLUME GRAN CANARIA" at the beginning of 2010 December the Spanish organizers met in Braunlage (Germany) for the next preparations of the upcoming Festival 2011, together with their German partners, to talk about the development of the future not only of this traditional event.

One of the balance point in leadership of the chief organizer Jesus TELO (ESP) where an European network of gym festivals which should also have also a global perspektive.

In 2010 October three of European event organizers of gym festivals founded the "E G F", a cooperation of European Gym Fesivals ...

* ... more on >> 

18-Nov-2011 For the 51st time: BLUME Gran Canaria - greets the gymnast of the World!
27-Nov-2010 50. BLUME GRAN CANARIA FESTIVAL 2010 finished ...:
Big Anniversary honouring a great Spanish Athlete ...
01-Jul-2010 DEADLINE: World Gymnaestrada 2011, Switzerland
06-Jan-2010 Passing of Niels Peter Nielsen (DEN)
29-Nov-2009 49. BLUME-GRAN CANARIA - the year before the big anniversary!
27-Nov-2009 Huge participation at the 5. European Team-Gym Cup 2009
12-Jun-2009 British Gymnastics GMPD members visit to Frankfurt.
19-Feb-2009 Visit to Berlin by Representatives of British Gymnastics...
10-Dec-2008 German Cities Confirm World Games Withdrawal
29-Nov-2008 48th Festival BLUME Gran Canaria Festival - a very big success again!
28-Nov-2008 ... BLUME presents:
Gymnastics Movement for People with Disabilities
18-Nov-2008 PREVIEW: 48th Blume Gran Canaria 2008
05-Nov-2008 Jesus Telo Nuñez, the legendary Organizer of Blume Festival passed away...
03-Nov-2008 PREVIEW: 48th BLUME GRAN CANARIA FESTIVAL with new Record ...
03-Nov-2008 WORLD GYMNAESTRADA - an International Event without Medals!
- by Margareth Sikkens-Ahlqist, Sweden
25-Oct-2008 7th European TeamGym Championships 2008
19-Jul-2008 The 6th EUROGYM in Albi is finished
09-Jul-2008 * ... a very special Idea:
International Camp and Friendly Competition ...
07-Jul-2008 Hundreds turn out to promote fitness ...
14-Feb-2008 Training Camp and Friendly Competition for Gymnasts with Disabilities

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