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 01-Aug-2013    Cali, Colombia
Sport Aerobics  
 Aerobic Events of the 2013 World Games

f i g - reports --:
Aerobic Gymnastics takes centre stage at the 2013 World Games Cali on Friday and Saturday, August 1–2.
After close examination of the conditions at the Gymnastics training, warm-up and competition venues in Cali, the green light was given for the competitions in this discipline to take place.
  .. full story >>

 24-Mar-2013    Aix-Les-Bains, Frankreich
Sport Aerobics  
 First FIG Aerobic World Cup of the 2013 Circuit

Aurelie Joly of France and Josefath Veloz of Mexico prevailed at the Women’s and Men’s Individual competitions respectively at the Aerobic Gymnastics World Cup in Aix-les-Bains (FRA) last weekend.
2012 World Championships runner-up and Aix-les-Bains title holder Joly beat 21 year old top qualifier Oana Constantin of Romania and Hungary’s Dora Hegyi to win the Women’s Final.
In the Men’s event, 21 year old Veloz outscored last year’s title holder, Benjamin Garavel of France, and Russia’s Anton Shishigin to take home the Gold.
  .. full story >>

 03-Jun-2012    Sofia, Bulgaria
Sport Aerobics  
 12. Weltmeisterschaften Aerobic 2012 mit Spanien als erfolgreichster Nation

Nach 2004 richtete die bulgarische Hauptstadt Sofia mit den 12. AEROBIC-WELTMEISTERSCHAFTEN 2012 zum zweiten Male Welttitelkämpfe in dieser dynamischen nicht-olympischen Turndisziplin aus. Nach Abschluss der sog. "World Age Group"-Wettbewerbe des Nachwuchses (29. - 31. Mai) schlossen sich an den ersten drei Junitagen die Elte-Wettbewerbe an. Als Novum wurden bei dieser WM erstmals zwei neue Disziplinen ins WM-Programm aufgenommen: Dance-Aerobic und Step-Aerobic. Über 800 Teilnehmer aus 42 Nationen waren zu Gast - 448 Nachwuchssportler und 370 Elite-Athleten, die sich gleichzeitig in Sofia für die World Games 2013 im columbianischen Cali qualifizieren wollten ...
Erfolgreichste Nation mit 3x Gold wurde Spanien. Österreichs Lubov Gazov holte eine viel-bejubelte WM-Bronzemedaille in der Einzeldisziplin....  .. full story >>

 13-Nov-2011    Bucharest, Romania
Sport Aerobics  
 AEROBIC GYMNASTICS: 7th European Championships 2011 finished

(1) - Elite's Categories
(2) - Juniors Competitions

Friday, November 11 the 7th Aerobic European Championships of Aerobic Gymnastics 2011 started with the qualifications of the juniors (15-17 years old) in individual women and trios followed by the individual men, mixed pairs and groups. The competition was preceded by a simple but efficient opening ceremony full of vitality with the presentation of the flags and a small presentation of a few seconds given by each of the nations; a nice and appreciated little glimpse of what we will get to see these next three days. 34 girls in the individual women category, 10 men in individual, 9 mixed pairs, 19 trios and 11 groups presented their routine to the judges.
Saturday, November 12, the 7th Aerobic ECh continued with the ELITE's qualifications (min. 18 years old) in individual women, trios and after the break in individual men, mixed pairs and groups.
* Sunday, Nov 13 the Europeans finished with the final events ...  .. full story >>

 03-Jun-2011    Hamamatsu, Japan
Sport Aerobics  
 3rd 2011 FIG Aerobic Gymnastics World Cup B

fig-press--: Aerobic gymnasts from Indonesia, South Africa, Thailand, Vietnam and Japan itself will compete at the Suzuki World Cup 2011, the discipline’s ultimate World Cup competition of the year, in Hamamatsu (JPN) on June 4 – 5.
The event, originally scheduled to take place in April at the Metropolitan Gymnasium of Sendagaya, Tokyo, was postponed and relocated to the ACT CITY venue in Hamamatsu, Shizuoka Prefecture, due to the unstable situation at the nuclear power station of Fukushima (JPN) and the unknown repercussions for the population at that time.  .. full story >>

 25-Nov-2010    Balneario de Camboriu, Brazil
Sport Aerobics  
 2010 Pan American AEROBIC Gymnastics Championships

Marcela Lopez, Brazil

Pan American Aerobic Gymnastics Championships
Balneario de Camboriu (BRA), November 18 – 21,
* Brazil Gymn. Fed. --- : Triple World Champion of Brazil, Marcela Lopez, confirmed her dominance in Aerobics and took the Gold medal in the Women’s Individual and Trio competitions of the 2010 Pan American Aerobic Gymnastics Championships, which concluded on November 21 in Balneario de Camboriu (BRA).  .. full story >>

 20-Jun-2010    Rodez, France
Sport Aerobics  
 11th Aerobic World Championships 2010

Altogether 117 athletes representing 14 difference nations started on Friday at the 11th GYMNASTC AEROBIC WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS, which helds at the Amphithéâtre of the French city of Rodez.
The gymnasts in Rodez are fighting from June 18 - 20 in five different disciplines:
Men's and Womens individual, in Mixed Pairs, Trios and Groups category.
The title holders of the 2008 Worlds in Ulm, Germany are:
 Marcela Lopez (BRA), Ivan Parejo (ESP), France (mixed), Rumania (trios) and China (groups) ...  .. full story >>

 17-Jun-2010    Rodez, France
Sport Aerobics  
 4th Aerobic World Age Group Competition 2010

To the fourth time the FIG organized the 2010 "World Age Group Competition of Aerobic Gymnastic", which was held from June 15 - 17 in Rodez France as a prelude of the consecutively "11th Aerobic World Championships" ....

  .. full story >>

 20-Apr-2010    Sogamoso, Columbia
Sport Aerobics  
 FIG Academy Level 1 for Aerobic Gymnastics in Columbia

Experts of FIG Academy

*f i g : --  Colombia hosted the 11th Academy for Aerobic Gymnastics in Sogamoso (COL) during the second week of April 2010. This Academy was conducted specifically for the Spanish speaking countries of the Americas. The attendance of the coaches from the Spanish speaking federations of the Pan American Gymnastics Union (PAGU) was partially funded by the FIG Development Fund for PAGU. The last Spanish language Aerobics Academy was held three years ago in 2007 in Mexico. This Academy was attended by 20 coaches from ten different federations: Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Mexico, Peru, Puerto Rico and Venezuela.  .. full story >>

 22-Nov-2009    Liberec, Czech Republic
Sport Aerobics  
* Preview, Qualifications and Finals

Aerobic Europeans finished in Liberec

22 federations with 197 gymnasts in the senior and 226 in the junior categories participated in the competitions of the 6th Aerobic European Championships.
For the first time also a Step-Aerobic Dance Contest  took place with 19 groups of eight federations.
<< Winner of the women's individal final was the Italian Giula BIANCHI.
A special highlight were also the performance of the Romanian group, winning the gold medal at last, in front of France and Russia...  .. full story >>

 31-Oct-2009    Kufstein, Austria
Sport Aerobics  
 * GYMfaily Event
10th Austrian Aerobic Open 2009- Final Day

* All results are online now!!

Already organized for the 10th time, this major international Aerobic Gymnastics tournament celebrates it's premiere in the beautiful city of Kufstein/Tyrol, in Austria. The "Kufstein Arena" sets a brilliant stage for about 200 of the best junior and elite aerobic gymnasts from nine countries throughout the European gymnastics community.
Competitions started on Thursday 29th October at 4 p.m., and continued on Friday 30th October from 11 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. and culminate on Saturday 31st October, with the final events.
The best athletes from the host country Austria and the other participating countries will also use the Austrian Open to prepare for European Championships, which will take place in Liberec (CZE) three weeks later. ...  .. full story >>

 31-Jul-2009    Montreal, Canada
Sport Aerobics  
 Cirque du Soleil in close contact with the international gymnastics scene

The famous Canadian "Cirque du Soleil" - online partner of the European Gymnastic Service "GYMmedia INTERNATIONAL - informed in his topical and last NEWSLETTER 07-2009 about its manifold activities to the international gymnastics scene and also about the forthcoming dates and the next auditions in September (Las Vegas) and October (Portugal and Australia)...
* ... read more on >> Casting Newsletter 07/2009 

 25-Jul-2009    Kaohsiung, Taipeh
Sport Aerobics  
 WORLD GAMES: Aerobic Gymnastics: Spain and France started with Gold

Golden French Mixed Pair

In the Aerobic Gymnastics Men’s Individual and Mixed Pairs categories of the 2009 WORLD GAMES the first golden medals in the Cultural Centre "Jhihde Hall" of Kaohsiung went to Spain and France:
<< French Mixed Pair won in front of Spain and China.
The 22 year old World Champion Ivan PAREJO (ESP) once again outdid his nemesis and his first-rate performance (21.050) could not be topped.
France’s Morgan JACQUEMIN (20) gave a powerful routine (20.900) for the silver medal, while the 19 year old Alexander KONDRATCHEV won the bronze, edging out China’s Ao Jinping by a narrow .050 points...
Marcela LOPEZ (BRA), the Romanians TRIO and the GROUP were the gold medallists at the final day ....  .. full story >>

 13-May-2009    Liberec, Czech Republik
Sport Aerobics  
 PREVIEW: 6th European Aerobic Championships in November 2009

The European Gymnastics Union (UEG) informed, that the 6th European Aerobic Gymnastics Championships 2009 for elite and juniors will be held from November 17th to 22nd in Liberec, Czech Republik.

<< The Czech hosts just now published the official invitation and presentation ...  .. full story >>

 10-Feb-2009    Vietnam
Sport Aerobics  
 Asian Aerobics will meet in Thailand next Month

.. there are 15 events
and three age groups

Viet Nam is gearing up for the 2009 Asian Sport Aerobic Championships in Thailand next month.
There are 15 events and three age groups: for 12 to 14s, 15 to 17s and over-18s. According to coach Nguyen Kim Lan, the prestigious tournament will attract strong rivals from South Korea, China and Japan and will be a good training ground for Vietnamese athletes. The team will take part in the 2009 World Games in China and the Asian Indoor Games at home in August. Late last year, Viet Nam won a silver and bronze at the Pre-World Games in South Korea.Viet Nam hands out invitations for nations to join Asian Indoor Games (AIG) Viet Nam has sent invitations to 45 countries and territories which are members of the Olympic Council of Asia, to take part in the third Asian Indoor Games (AIG) ...  .. full story >>

05-Dez-2008 1st Aerobic Gymnastics Asian Championships 2008
08-Nov-2008 World Games 2009 Test Events: Aerobic Finals closed Test Series
13-Sep-2008 F I S A F - European F I T N E S S - Championships 2008
--- Final Day in Helsinki
28-Aug-2008 Aerobic Gymnastics: Pierrick Charilas Tragically Killed
23-Jun-2008 Aerobics-Boom in Iran - Interview by Gregory Alcan
09-May-2008 FIG announces qualified countries for the World Games 2009
28-Apr-2008 GYMmedia WCh SERVICE:
15-Apr-2008 Aerobic-Worlds: Chinese men unbeatable?
06-Apr-2008 Gold for Mira Keränen (FIN) at Finish Aerobic Open
23-Mar-2008 Europeans dominated Aerobic World Cup in Bulgaria
23-Mar-2008 INTRODUCED: A new model of a special Gymnastics Aerobic Shoe!
16-Mar-2008 Slovak Aerobic-Open: Victory for Gazov (AUT) and Roik (HUN)
23-Feb-2008 International Club-Meeting: Gold for Martina Perlakova (SVK)
- GYMfamily Event -
19-Feb-2008 World Championships of Aerobic Gymnastics: Drawing of Lots
16-Feb-2008 Aerobic Gymnastics Celebrates: PRESIDENTIAL OPENING!
10-Feb-2008 PREVIEW: International Club-Meeting + Cup of the City of Eisenberg
- GYMfamily Event -
10-Dec-2007 Marcela Lopez won the last World Cup of the Year
07-Dec-2007 24th SEA Games: Vietnam won 4 medals in Sports Aerobics
25-Nov-2007 5th European Championships Aerobic Gymnastics 2007
- Romanians most successfully at the end...!.

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