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 07-Sep-2013    Loulé, Portugal
 First Trampoline World Cup 2013: Canada and Russia won all Titles

* Final Results

The Trampoline Loulé World Cup 2013 POR) was the first of three 2013 FIG World Cups for Trampoline and Tumbling. Most successful nation on women's side was Canada: Rosannagh Maclennan won the individual and together with Samantha Sennan also the synchronized final ...
  .. full story >>

 01-Aug-2013    Cali, Colombia
 Trampoline, Tumbling & DMT competitions finished in Cali

Dong Dong, Xiao Tu (CHN)

 *fig-news --: The first of three competition days for Trampoline and Acrobatic Gymnastics got underway at El Pueblo Coliseum on Monday with qualifications and finals in the Men’s Synchronised Trampoline as well as the Women’s and Mixed Pairs Acro categories. China surprised with a rare mistake during qualifications, but 2011 World Champions Dong Dong & Xiao Tu redeemed themselves in the final, where they rediscovered their usual form and produced the most difficult routine of the day with high execution and synchronisation scores to clearly top the field. After a disappointing second routine, Denmark’s Peter Jensen and Christian Andersen outscored Portugal in the final to take the Bronze. Russia were the most consistent pair today with a fine overall performance to earn a deserved Silver.  .. full story >>

 15-Jul-2013    Switzerland
French-speaking Trampoline Coach for Switzerland

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** Topical Offer:

(1)  The Vaud Cantonal Association of Gymnastics (Switzerland) is seeking for a French-speaking full-time coach for the Trampoline Center in Aigle ...
*  ... > more offers   

 08-Sep-2012    Loule, Portugal
  7th Loulé World Cup Trampoline 2012

The second to last Trampoline Gymnastics and Tumbling World Cup in 2012 will be held from September 7 - 8 in Loulé (POR) with qualifications taking place on Friday, Sep 07 and finals scheduled for Saturday, Sep 08. 
A total of 121 gymnasts, both men and women, from 19 different nations, will start at  the Loulé Municipal Sport Hall. Competitions  held in the Tumbling, Individual and Synchronised Trampoline categories.
Audrey Ghanian (USA) and Oleg Talskiy (RUS) won the trampoline finals...

  .. full story >>

 23-Jun-2012    Arosa, Switzerland
 47th NISSEN-CUP - a Canadian Duo beat top Chineses at the World Cup

Rosi MacLennan - the Canadian Vice World Champion beat the Chinese and is a hot Olympic favourite too, like the second placed teammate Caren Cockburn

After the two FIG World Cup events of this month, the Taiyuan Cup in China and the Intern. Tournament of Albacete (ESP), at this weekend took place the third and last FIG-World Cup of Trampolining in the Swiss city of Aroso. The 47th Nissen Cup 2012 from 22nd to 23rd June 2012, is he oldest international trampoline competition and was organized to the second time after 2008 at the city of Arosa again. This event was a perfect opportunity for the elite gymnasts to prepare for the Olympic Games in London one and a half month before the Olympic competitions.
Men's individual competition was, as expected, by the third of the Olympic Games in Beijing (2008), by the Chinese Dong Dong.
On women's side, however, prevented a further two Canadian superstars another Chinese success: Vice-world champion Rosannagh MACLENNAN won before teammate Karen COCKBURN and the best Chinese Shanshan ranked on third, "only" ...
  .. full story >>

 14-Apr-2012    St. Petersburg, Russia
 23rd Trampoline Europeans: Final Day


Russians won three golden at first day
 - and were the best nations at last
RUSSIA twice Gold before Portugal and Germany, so the host started on the second day of the European Trampoline Championships in St. Petersburg (RUS), in the finals of the team competitions in the double mini tramp discipline for both men and women .... On Friday took place the trampoline individual qualifications and the junior's team finals of DMT and tumbling and on Saturday follow the last finals of these Europeans, of course with the most successfully nation - Russia:  .. full story >>

 13-Apr-2012    St. Petersburg, Russia
 23. EUROPEANS Trampoline / Mini Tramp / Tumbling
* DAY 2+3 - Qualificationen, DMT & Tumbling...

Today: Qualification:
DMT & Tumbling

After a short opening ceremony the  23rd European Championships of Trampoline, DMT & Tumbling 2012 Trampolin-Europameisterschaften 2012 were opened today in the Sports & Culure Complex of St. Petersburg, Russia. 16 women pairs and 23 men pairs (divided into two groups) participated in today’s qualifications in seniors SYNCHRO.

In Women SYNCHRO it is again a BLR pair that dominates the qualifications: Tatsiana PIATRENIA /Sviatlana MAKSHTAROVA (86.000). The Germans Jessica SIMON &Anna DOGONADZE (82.700) secure the second position and the British Katherine DRISCOLL and Amanda PARKER follow third with 82.500.
Eight pairs (max. 1 pair per nation) qualify for the finals on Saturday which will be battled out between BLR – GER – GBR – UKR – RUS – SUI – DEN and ESP.
In Men SYNCHRO also Belarus ends its first day in beauty with Mikalai KAZAK and Viachaslau MODZEL ... 
Thursday follow the disciplines Double minitramp and Tumbling ..
  .. full story >>

 10-Apr-2012    St. Petersburg, Russia
23rd EUROPEANS Trampoline / Mini Tramp / Tumbling

After ten years now the 23rd European Championships in Trampoline/Double Mini-Trampoline & Tumbling 2012 but also for Juniors and U21 will take place from Wednesday, April 11  to Saturday, April 13  in the "Petersburgsky Sports-Concerts Complex" of St-Petersburg again.

Ten Years ago, 2002, the legendary Alexander Moskalenko and Natalia Chernova won here in the Olympic categories.

Titleholder from 2010 (Varna)  the French Gregoire Pennes and the Russian oldy Irina Karavaeva, but both  finished their career alredy, but the vice champion of Varna Anna Dogonadze (GER) and the third Galina Gontcharenko (RUS) will fight for the title again.
On men's side completely new names will fight for the continental title ...
  .. full story >>

 01-Feb-2012    Lausanne, Switzerland
 FIG - Gymnova Lawsuit: CAS adjudicates

FIG press release--:  In the litigation involving the International Gymnastics Federation (FIG) and French apparatus supplier "Gymnova" in Marseille, the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) has found the appeal lodged by the manufacturer on August 24, 2011 admissible.  .. full story >>

 13-Jan-2012    London, Great Britain

Dong, Dong (CHN) and Rosannagh Maclennan (CAN)

Following the Trampoline Gymnastics qualifying World Championships held in Birmingham (GBR), the FIG officially confirmed the first lists of qualifiers for the 2012 London Olympic Games and of gymnasts and countries who gained participation rights for the Olympic Test Event in January.  Sixteen men and sixteen women participatedtoday  in London's Pre-Olympic Trampoline Gymnastics events, with eight men and eight women, having qualified their countries directly at the 2011 Worlds in Birmingham... 
<< Winner of the men's and women's final were DONG, Dong (CHN) and Canada's Rosannagh MACLENNAN...  .. full story >>

 20-Nov-2011    Birmingham / Great Britain
 * 28th TRAMPOLINE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS & Olympic qualification
-- China is the Top Trampolin Nation to the third Time!

Great Britain is the host for the 28th World Championships  in trampoline for the fourth time.  After rhythmic gymnastics in Montpellier and artistic gymnastics in Tokyo now follow the World Championships in the youngest Olympic gymnastics discipline, the 2011 TRAMPOLINE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS in Birmingham.
Also these World Championships serve as Olympic qualification in the individual events for men and women. For the 28th time the best gymnasts are ranked in the two Olympic disciplines as well as in synchro, DMT and tumbling. Since more than a decade the trampoline World-brand "Eurotramp" supports the GYMmedia-reporting from this dynamic discipline.
* TODAY: Last Finals in Birmingham ...
* Everything from Birmingham can be found on our  >> GYMmedia-WChs-Website,  

 09-Aug-2011    Lausanne, Switzerland
 FIG: Apparatus Norm Violation - Heavy Sanctions levied

F.I.G. Press Release

On March 08, 2011, the FIG launched disciplinary proceedings against French apparatus manufacturer "Gymnova" for having supplied the 2010 World Championships in Metz (FRA) with defective springs and beds.
On April 28, 2011, the Disciplinary Commission was unanimous in its ruling, saying the supplier was guilty of violating norms specified in chapter IV of the Auto-Disciplinary Code,  .. full story >>

 09-Jul-2011    Kawasaki, Japan
 Trampoline World Cup No. 4: Limited Travel Bug towards Japan ...


After Wuxi (CHN) one week before now the second Asian Trampoline world cup took place in the city of Kawasaki thies weekend.
Both top nation China and the nations USA, Germany, the Ukraine Byelorussia and others disclaimed a participation in Japan.
So only these eight counties took part at this trampoline world cup No. four of this circuit: Host Japan, Brazil, Canada, Great Britain, New Zealand, Portugal and Russia.
Winner of the Olympic categories were the Canadian topstar Karen Cockburn and on men's sidethe Japanese  Masaki Ito. ...

  .. full story >>

 04-Jul-2011    Wuxi, China
 FIG Trampoline Gymnastics and Tumbling World Cup A

Dong Dong, only one of the Chinese top stars at their home event in Wuxi

( f i g--) Last weekend’s FIG Trampoline Gymnastics and Tumbling World Cup in Wuxi City (CHN) was dominated by strong performances by the host country’s gymnasts, who garnered a total of eight medals at this event.
China went one-two in both Individual Trampoline Gymnastics disciplines, with reigning World Champion Dong Dong (60.850) edging out Olympic Champion Lu Chunlong 60.410) and World runner-up Huang Shanshan (56.245) prevailing over Olympic Champion He Wenna (55.155) in Women’s.
Masaki Ito of Japan (58.970) outclassed Gregoire Pennes of France (58.810) for the Men’s Individual Bronze and Canada’s Karen Cockburn (54.775) came third in Women’s, leaving Galina Goncharenko (RUS) in her wake (52.565).  .. full story >>

 30-May-2011    Taunton, Great Britain
 GBR win 4-Nation Trampoline Match

The national British Trampoline Team of Kayvon Arasteh, Philip Jackson, Natasha Carte, Emma Britton, Nicole Short and Sophie Lewis took the top spot in Taunton 27th - 29th May, combining to score 373.9 to give them the win ahead of Denmark (371.7), Czech Republic (361.4) and Portugal (353). 

 29-May-2011    St. Petersburg, Russia
 Trampoline World Cup:
Strong Chineses on Trampoline - Russian top on tumbling line

After Varna (BUL) in April now the second World cup of trampolining took place in St. Petersburg, Russia this weekend.
Chineses YE Shuai and HUANG Shanshan (CHN) claimed the gold medal on Saturday in the palace of sports "Yubileiny". Also the
 The gold medals in men's synchronized trampoline went to  Diego GANCHINHO / Nuno MERINO from Portugal, Maryna KYLKO / Nataliia MOSKVINA (UKR) were the winners on women's category.
In tumbling the winner came from Russian host: Timofey PODUST and Anna KOROBEYNIKOVA (RUS)...  .. full story >>

 13-May-2011    Moscow, Russia
 75th birthday of Vitaly Dubko (RUS), Trampoline head coach for Russia

Dubko, Karavaeva

* f i g - news --: Inspirer of the Soviet Trampoline school and head coach of the Russian National Trampoline Team, Vitaly Dubko celebrates his 75th birthday today.
Dubko was born on May 13, 1936 in Novorossisk in southern Russia and evacuated to Siberia during World War II.

In his youth he was a tumbler, and then practiced Acrobatic Gymnastics as the bottom of a Men’s Four group that finished third at the Russian Championships in 1965.
  .. full story >>

 30-Apr-2011    Lausanne, Switzerland
 FIG Decision: Violation of Gymnastic Apparatus Norms


The FIG DISCIPLINARY COMMISSION pronounced the company "Gymnova" (FRA) in violation of norms specified in the Disciplinary Code and Procedures, Chapter IV, for having supplied a FIG event with equipment bearing defective springs - the 2010 Trampoline World Championships in Metz, France - which significantly decreased the level of quality in affected apparatus.
  .. full story >>

 17-Apr-2011    Varna, Bulgaria
 First Trampoline World Cup in Varna ...

Final results coming later ...


Tatiana Petrenia (BLR) and Yuri Nikitin (UKR) claimed the gold medal at the first World Cup of the 2011 World Cup Series held  in Varna, Bulgaria this weekend.

The gold medals in synchronized trampoline went to Maryna Kyiko-Nataliia Moskvina (UKR) and Mikhail Melnik-Sergei Azaryan (RUS).

In tumbling, Andrey Krylov (RUS) prevailed.

  .. full story >>

 10-Mar-2011    Lausanne, Switzerland

FIG Press Release

fig-press --- : The International Gymnastics Federation (FIG) has brought a disciplinary suit against "Gymnova", a Marseille (FRA) based company specialising in the design, manufacturing and distribution of gymnastic apparatus. The incident occurred at the Trampoline World Championships in Metz (FRA) in November 2010, when as the official supplier, Gymnova delivered trampolines of a poor quality ...  .. full story >>

 22-Nov-2010    Guangzhou, China
 * GYMfamily Event
16th Asian Games - TRAMPOLINE Events

At the weekend November 20 to 21 take place the trampoline competition of the 16th ASIAN GAMES 2010 in the city of Guangzhou.
In site China an Japan are leading nation, this gymnastics discipline is not so widely spreat in Asia.
So the trampoline event here in Guangzhou is visited by five nations only  in women's and men's Olympic individual trampoline class.

At the end the Chinese athlets won all the each gold and silver medals ...  .. full story >>

 13-Nov-2010    Metz, France
 * GYMfamily Event

WCh Website
* presents by 'Eurotramp'

From 11th to 13th of November the International Gymnastics Federation F.I.G. holds the 27th TRAMPOLINE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS 2010 in Metz, Fance.
About 300 athletes from 35 countries came to the french city to compete at the individual Olympic trampoline disciplines, as well as at the synchronised trampoline, double minitramp and tumbling in order to crown their bests.
Over the last years, the world's-best have to count more and more with the favourite athletes from Asia, especially China and Japan...
* TODAY: Final day and last decisions
** Since a decade the world brand "Eurotramp" supports the daily news on the internet with the
>> GYMmedia WCh Website 

 09-Oct-2010    Salzgitter, Germany
 Finish of the 2010 Trampoline World Cup Circuit in Salzgitter

After the 2010 sirie of 6 Trampoline world cups now zhe No. 7 event took place in Salzgitter, Germany one of the top center of this discipline in Germany.
In absence of the Chinese top stars a bigger part of world class athletes made a strong test, two month before the Worlds in ovember in Metz (France...
* All information on >> 

 17-Jul-2010    Weilheim Teck, Germany
 50th Anniversary! Happy Birthday Eurotramp!

The Founder and his Successor!

The world leader in Trampoline manufacturing, the German co. Eurotramp Trampoline - Kurt Hack GmbH in Weilheim (GER), celebrates the 50th anniversary of its founding on July 17, 2010.
It was the summer of 1960 when founder Kurt Hack, who died last year,  finalised his project to manufacture high-quality trampoline equipment.
His success was out of this world, and Eurotramp is now the leading market supplier of equipment for world championship and Olympic Games events, i.e. Athens 2004 and Beijing 2008.
Official partner of the FIG, Eurotramp is chaired by Dennis Hack, who took up the presidency after the death of his grandfather and founder in the fall of 2009.  .. full story >>

 24-Apr-2010    Varna, Bulgaria
Russia most successfully again, Germany on second ...!

Thursday, one day later than planned, the 22nd European Championships of Trampoline 2010 started with the double minitramp and tumbling events of women and finished at Saturday, April 24 in Varna, Bulgaria.
In the program were the Olympic disciplins Trampoline Individual, the Synchro, Tumbling and Double minitramp for women and men (elite), but also for juniors (20th Juniors' Europeans).
The schedule also included the qualification for the three best European male and femal juniors for the "1. Youth Olympic Games" in August this year.
* The wellknown label and producer of top trampolines, the German co.  "Eurotramp", supports the online coverages of GYMmedia INTERNATIONAL on a special >> GYMmedia ECh Website 

 10-Apr-2010    San Diego, USA
 George NISSEN, founder of the modern Trampoline, passed away ...

* 1914, Feb 01 - 2010, Apr 07

+ George NISSEN, the originator of the modern trampoline, died 2010, April 7 at the age of 96 in San Diego, USA, from complications of pneumonia at UC San Diego Thornton Hospital in La Jolla.
Nissen also helped grow worldwide interest in the trampoline discipline through his exhibitions and travels. His dream of having trampoline in the Olympic Games became a reality at the 2000 Olympic Games in Sydney, Australia.
George Nissen was a true sports pioneer,” said Steve Penny, president of USA Gymnastics. “He was loved and respected for his many accomplishments and contributions. His vision, innovations and passion sowed the seeds for trampoline’s worldwide popularity today ..."  .. full story >>

 08-Mar-2010    Weilheim-Teck, Germany
 Trampoline Know-how: '4 x 4 is not for anyone with weak nerves!'

Apparatus developments and technical know-how in gymnastics are tightly connected to the total development of the sports form.
In a permanent exchange game the single disciplines place high requirements from competition and training apparati, like the apparatus manufacturers are in tight contact with the training and competition practices, as they can extremely  influence achievement factors. 

The newest example in trampoline gymnastics 
- the introduction"Time of flight" as the newest and third assessment criteria - also goes back to the constant improvement of the world best trampoline apparatus, as we found out from the President of the technical committee Horst Kunze and from the manager of the marketing leader "Eurotramp", Mr. Dennis Hack ...:  .. full story >>

18-Feb-2011 * PREVIEW
2011 Trampoline Worlds in Birmingham - Olympic Qualification!
18-Sep-2010 Trampolin World Cup in Astrakhan: Dong Dong and Huang Shanshan
04-Sep-2010 Trampolin World Cup in Albacete: Bone-crushing Chinese Dominance!
04-Jul-2010 3rd Trampoline World Cup in Wroclaw
17-Jun-2010 * GYMmedia JOB EXCNANGE
... a Chief Coach for Switzerland is under Offer!
20-May-2010 Drawing of Lots for the 1st Youth Olympic Games
10-Apr-2010 Strong World Cup performances by the German tramponline artists
16-Mar-2010 11th Asian Junior TRAMPOLINE Championships finished in Chiba
04-Mar-2010 F.I.G. informs about Change of Trampoline Code of Points
16-Feb-2010 SPIETH and Eurotramp - Partners of Brazilian Gymnastics Federation
09-Nov-2009 Passing of Kurt Hack - Founder of the Eurotramp Label
31-Oct-2009 * GYMmedia JOB EXCHANGE
New ZEALAND is seeking for a Trampoline Coach ....
27-Oct-2009 2010 Trampoline World Cup cancelled ...
26-Sep-2009 British Gymnastics announced WCh Team for St. Petersburg
12-Sep-2009 Last Trampoline World Cup of the Circuit 2008/9
06-Sep-2009 Chineses top at the next to last Trampoline World Cup Event
30-Aug-2009 2009 Trampoline and Tumbling World Cup No. 3
25-Aug-2009 2009 Chinese Trampoline Nationals

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