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 01-Sep-2013    Kiev, Ukraine
Rhythmic Gymnastics  
*Russia won 6x Gold, Ukraine, Belarus and Spain each one!

Yana Kudravtseva (RUS)
(c) f i g - photo

Gold in all-around and with ball and ribbon and with three titles she is the most successfull gymnast of these Worlds!
Three different nations won the group titles

As expected already given the two Russian gymnasts, Margarita Mamun and Yana Kudravtseva in the qualifying round of the first two handsets clearly the events, one in front of the toughest and strongest opponents from the host country, Ukraine and from Belarus:
Kudravtseva leads with the hoop (18,316) in front of Mamun (18,300) and Mamun was the best with the ball (18,333), followed by Kudravtseva (18,266). Ganna Rizatdinova and Alina Maksimenko from Ukrain are also qualified for both finals like Melitina Staniouta (BLR), the Korean star Son, Yeon Jae and also Bulgaria's Silvia Miteva.
The first titles of day 1 went to Ganna Rizatdinova (hoop) from Ukraine and to Margarita Mamun (ball; photo, left) from Russia. Kudravtseva won two silver medals, Mamun and Melitina Staniuta (BLR) each the bronze ...
At final day 2 all the titles went to Russia: Margarita Mamun won with the clubs, together with Yana Kudravtseva, who was the best with the ribbon.
After the favored Margarita Mamun made some mistakes at Friday's all-around final her compatriot Yana Kudravtseva (73,866) is the new world champion and won the fifth gold medal for Russia in front of Ganna Rizatdinova (UKR; 73,041) and Melitina Staniouta (BLR;72,166).
Belarus (all-around), Spain and Russia won the gold medals in the groups final ...  .. full story >>

 01-Sep-2013    Kiev, Ukraine
Rhythmic Gymnastics  
Russia won 6 titles - two-thirds alone vs. the 'rest' of the World!

Sunday: Group's Finals

With 6 golden and each 2x silver and bronze, Russia joined the 32nd WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS of RHYTHMIC GYMNASTICS in Kiev as a successful nation, winning two thirds of all the titles, and at the final day again gold and silver in the group finals.
After Belarus on Saturday won the all-around and Spain won the gold club ahead of Italy
and Russia.
A total of 103 individual gymnasts as well as 28 national groups from 59 countries were involved.
Five individual titles went in the first year of the new Olympic cycle to favorites Russia, which charges only 1x Gold with the hoop on the Ukrainian Ganna Rizatdinova, previously won silver in the all-around, but here the most valuable world title the Russian Yana Kudryavtseva had to leave, so that the triple world champion was (all-around, clubs, ribbon). With ball and clubs was Margarita Mamun double title holder, but slipped up a few times in the all around (6). The best Western European, Carolina Rodriguez (ESP), occupied by more than 6 points behind on 11th place.
The long-time GYMmedia partner from Japan, the
co. C h a c o t t will supports  the daily GYMmedia coverages of these 32nd World Championships of Rhythmic Gymnastics from Kiev.
  .. full story >>

 23-Aug-2013    Japan
Rhythmic Gymnastics  
 Chacott - GYMmedia-Partner of Rhythmic Gymnastics

The longtime GYMmedia partner from Japan, Chacott Co., Ltd. - manufacturer and distributor of high-quality equipment and tools and clothing including for rhythmic gymnastics, for ballet, dance and yoga - has earned in recent years a very good reputation as an official partner of the International Gymnastics Federation (FIG).
On one hand, by the high quality of rhythmic apparatus - very popular, for example, the attractive color design of the RG ribbons - but also as a supplier of some national top-teams and top gymnastics centers in the world.
Next week the co. C h a c o t t  will support also the GYMmedia coverages of the 32nd World Championships of Rhythmic Gymnastics from Kiev. (* Preview will following soon...!) 

 18-Aug-2013    St. Petersburg / Russia
Rhythmic Gymnastics  
 Margarita Mamun won the last event and also the final World Cup ranking

Margarita Mamun (RUS)

* fig-news --: Seventeen-year old Margarita Mamun of Russia prevailed over Melitina Staniouta (BLR) and Yana Kudryavtseva (RUS) to win the all-around title at the final Rhythmic Gymnastics World Cup of the season in St. Petersburg (RUS) last weekend.

With her win over Staniouta, who shared the world ranking lead with Ganna Rizatdinova (UKR) before, Mamun also prevailed in the overall World Cup series with a total of 120 points, pushing Staniouta and Rizatdinova into shared second rank (110 points).
Mamun continued her success in the apparatus finals, where she garnered three out of four titles in St Petersburg, boasting the highest score in the Individual event on Clubs with 18.550 points. 
  .. full story >>

 29-Jul-2013    Shenzhen, China
Rhythmic Gymnastics  
 ZHONG Ling-Cup and an illustrious Gymnastic-Gala in Shenzhen

WANG, Wenwen, Singapore

After the most successful Chinese gymnast ZHONG Ling - multiple Asia champion in the first half of the last decade, World Cup participant in 2001 and Olympian 2004 - is a competition was named, was performed ZHONG LING-CUP, last weekend in Shenzhen (CHN).
The winner was currently the best gymnast from Singapore, WANG Wenwen, who won the all-around with 56.400 points and clear lead, followed by Kokfai SASIWIMON (THA; 43,500) and the two Taiwanese HUANG, Cayun (43,30) and LI, Yifen (42.550).

The winner WANG comes from China, and had for some time been trained in Russia, together with Olga Kapranova.
Interestingly, however, was the occupation of the gala, to which the organizers had also invited a number of European stars, ....
  .. full story >>

 28-Jul-2013    Cali, Colombia
Rhythmic Gymnastics  
 World Games: Melitina Staniouta - most successfully Gymnast in Cali

Melitina Staniouta (BLR)
- most successfully

At the World Games in Cali (COL) the rhythmic gymnasts took to the floor at El Pueblo Coliseum on Friday, kicking off the Gymnastics competitions at The World Games 2013 Cali.
Following a delay of 30 minutes caused by temperatures above the critical mark of 30 degrees in the training facilities, the highly anticipated Hoop and Ball competitions got underway in front of an enthusiastic and supportive crowd.
Ganna Rizatdinova of Ukraine and Melitina Staniouta of Belarus prevailed in the Hoop and Ball finals respectively at the end of an exciting day of competition in Cali.
<< Melitina Staniouta won also the clubs final at last.
  .. full story >>

 26-Jul-2013    Cali, Colombia
Rhythmic Gymnastics  
 Cancellation of the first gymnastics discipline at the World Games
... new situation on Friday...:

André Gueisbuhler
FIG Secretary General

* fig press release---: FIG was unfortunately forced to cancel Rhythmic Gymnastics competitions on Ribbon at The World Games 2013 Cali today following an assessment of the conditions in the competition hall as well as the temporary warm-up and training tent. Installations and conditions at El Pueblo Coliseum have been observed critically by FIG staff during the last week and as FIG requirements had not been met in the training facilities and the competition hall by deadline, Wednesday’s training sessions for Rhythmic Gymnastics were cancelled. A re-evaluation of the situation was scheduled for today.
The FIG Secretary General André Gueisbuhler inspected the venue personally this morning and at midday. He confirmed that the temperature measured at both the training and the competition venues was too high, compared to the requirements outlined in the FIG Technical Regulations.  .. full story >>

 17-Jun-2013    Tokyo, Japan
Rhythmic Gymnastics  
 2013 SASAKI CUP- that are the 11th All Japan Youth Championships

(AEON, Japan)

From June 14 to 16, the "2013 SASAKI CUP" took place in the Japanese capital Tokyo, that means the "11th All Japan Youth Championships of Rhythmic Gymnastics".
Also like last year (Runa Yamaguchi) the topical winner of 2013 came also from the leading club again: Uzume KAWASAKI from "AEON Club", winning with a score 53,450 points.
On second came Risano FUJIOKA (MIYABI RG Club), scoring 53,250 points and on third place ranked Haruka IKEGAYA (Anju) with 53,150 points - with each 0,1 points difference only! The main reason for the leading position of AEON club in Japan is: The younger gymnasts trained together with the elite and also the international top event of the yearly AEON Cup is very important for the top structure if this worldwide wellknown top Japanese center of rhythmic gymnastics ...
  .. full story >>

 13-Jun-2013    Lausanne, Switzerland
Rhythmic Gymnastics  
 FIG Lawsuit - Irina Deleanu: CAS gives final ruling

Irina Deleanu (ROU)

FIG Office - press release +++: In a litigation between the International Gymnastics Federation (FIG) and Ms Irina Deleanu (ROU), international Rhythmic Gymnastics judge and member of the European Gymnastics Union Technical Committee, the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) has ruled to dismiss Deleanu's appeal and confirm the second instance sanction issued by the FIG Appeal Tribunal.
The former Rhythmic gymnast is thus suspended from all activity until end 2015 and shall be responsible for all fees, including the reimbursement of legal fees to FIG.
  .. full story >>

 10-Jun-2013    Tashkent, Uzbekistan
Rhythmic Gymnastics  
 6th Asian Championships of Rhythmic Gymnastics finishes in Tashkent

SOEN, Jeon Jae (KOR)
DENG, Senyue (CHN) (r.)

The 6th RG Asian Championships 2013 took place from June 5 – 8 June 2013 in the Sport Palace of Tashkent, Uzbekistan. 11 countries attended this prestigious event such as: CHN - IND - JPN - KAZ - KGZ - KOR - MAS - SIN - THA - UZB – VIE representing 36 individual gymnasts and 5 groups. The competition start for the first day on June 5, 2013 with Individual All Around Qualification, Team Competition (Hoop and Ball) and Seniors Groups (5 Clubs). At the final day there were a great battle between Korea and China for the gold medals. The gold medals are divided between Korea and China with 2 Gold medals for SOEN Yeon Jae (KOR) in clubs and hoop and 2 gold medals for DENG Senyue (CHN)   .. full story >>

 02-Jun-2013    Vienna, Austria
Rhythmic Gymnastics  

GYMmedia reports are supported
by SPIETH Gymnastics


From Friday, May 31 to Sunday, June 02 awarded at the 29th RHYTHMIC GYMNASTICS CHAMPIONSHIPS five European titles of elite and two titles in the junior category. In the city hall of the Austrian capital Vienna, which already was host in 1984 of the European Championships and also of the 1995's World Championships, now gymnasts from 33 European countries are expected. Russia, which almost landed the total European Championship victory last year in Nizhny Novgorod, is once again an overwhelming favorite.
Russia's Elite defended the nations title successfully in front of Ukraine and Belarus, and Russia's junior group won also the gold medal in the all-around
On the final day (Sunday) by far the nation's leading gymnastics RUSSIA landed by winning all seven gold medals again almost total triumph and was in the Finals just one silver medal from the Ukraine !
* All information you need you will find on our
>> GYMmedia ECh-Website, supported by "SPIETH Gymnastics".


 06-May-2013    Sofia, Bulgaria
Rhythmic Gymnastics  
 Rhythmic Gymnastics World Cup in Sofia

Yana Kudryavtseva (RUS)

* f i g --: First year senior Yana Kudryavtseva of Russia, the 2012 European Junior Champion on Ball, made a fantastic World Cup debut in Sofia (BUL) last weekend.
The Moscow native scored a 72.150 total in the All-around competition to defeat the home country’s Silviya Miteva (71.550) and team-mate Margarita Mamun (71.400).
Kudryavtseva also won the Gold on Hoop (18.250) and Clubs (18.300).
On Ball, 17 year old Mamun (18.150) narrowly outscored Miteva and Neta Rivkin (ISR), who tied in second place with a score of 18.100. She also won Silver on Ribbon (18.100).  .. full story >>

 28-Apr-2013    Pesaro, Italy
Rhythmic Gymnastics  
 World Cup: Belorussian Melitina Staniouta in front of two Russian Gymnasts

A Belorussian all-around success in a rhythmic gymnastics world cup is a very rarity event!
This created at the fourth World Cup of the season in Pesar ( Italy) Belarus Melitina Staniouta, with 70.516 points, ahead of Maria TITOVA (70.450) and Daria SVATKOVSKAYA (70,050), both from Russia. Staniouta also won with 3 handsets in the finals, only withot hoopp, which was won by SWATKOWSKAJA.

Italy won all three group competitions ...  .. full story >>

 22-Apr-2013    Chiba, Japan
Rhythmic Gymnastics  
 Runa Yamaguchi and Riko Anakubo booked tickets for Asian Championships and Worlds

Anakubo, Yamaguchi: nominated!

In the Japanese city of Chiba were held on the weekend of the season opening as national selection competitions in rhythmic gymnastics instead. This year's main events on the plan for the Japanese rhythmic gymnasts are the Asian Championships and the World Championships in October in Kiev. This first event was won by Runa YAMAGUCHI from the renowned club AEON Club in front of her club mate Riko ANAKUBO who already bought the tickets so that both - the Continental Championships and also the World Championship in autumn. Yamaguchi said: "I've trained really hard for the requirements of the new regulation which applies to the next Olympics. For me it was the first competition of the season and yet I am a little bit sad that I still have a few mistakes."
* Reported by GYMmedia correspondent
   Takako Kobayashi
  .. full story >>

 06-Apr-2013    Lisbon, Portugal
Rhythmic Gymnastics  
 Rhythmic Gymnastics World Cup in Lisbon - Day 2

* f i g ---: Today launched the World Cup competition at the Complexo Desportivo Municipal Casal Vistoso in Lisbon with Individual Junior performances (Hoop and Ball) and Groups in the Junior and Senior Categories. Russian junior gymnast Yulia Bravikova stood out in the competition with her two routines on Hoop and Ball, though she made a few mistakes with the ball. Tomorrow she will defend her supremacy and fight for the Gold in Clubs and Ribbon.
In the Junior Groups competition, Russia gave a flawless performance with 5 hoops and sat at the top (15.900) after the first routine.  .. full story >>

 31-Mar-2013    Thiais, France
Rhythmic Gymnastics  
 Eight Golden Medals for Russia in Thiais

Also in the new year of competition in rhythmic gymnastics continues what last years was the standard: Russian top girls determine the undisputed international forefront of the Rhythmic gymnastics, including at the 27th Edition of the International Tournament of Thiais near Paris:
Russia's new star Margarita Mamun dominated the finals of all four hand apparatus and also won the all-around beforewith 71.700 points ahead of his compatriots Daria Svatkovskaya (70.417) and Alexandra Merkulova (69.616).
Best of non-Russians were Silvia Miteva (BUL, 68.517), Neta Rivkin (ISR; 68.017) and Melitina Staniouta (BLR; 67.384). Austrian Caroline Weber was seventh with 67.150. Russia almost reached nearly the maximum of medals: Only the Bulgarian Miteva defied with the ribbon from the silver medal ...  .. full story >>

 03-Mar-2013    Moscow, Russia
Rhythmic Gymnastics  
 Russian dominance at the first Grand Prix of the post-Olympic season

Margarita Mamun (RUS)
- - won 3 of 4 Grand Prix finals at home
(c) Tom Theobald

Nothing more than the continuation of Russian dominance had been the first Grand Prix of Rhythmic Gymnastics season 2013, which took place in the "cave of the lionesses" in Moscow - expected, even if the people involved in the new Olympic cycle are different in some cases: So there was the all-around victory by Margarita MAMUN with 70.932 points and 2.7 points ahead of all the others, and three more Russians (!) came under the top six!
Only the experienced Bulgarian Sylvia MITEWA in second (68.200) - before Daria SVATKOVSKAYA (67.949) - and the White Russian Arina Charupa was fifth (64.782) could then slide in between.
<< Margarita Mamun had surprised already in 2011 with a World Cup victory in Montreal (ball) and at the final day she won three of four apparatus, Daria SVATKOVSKAYA was the sest with rippon...
  .. full story >>

 10-Feb-2013    Tartu, Estonia
Rhythmic Gymnastics  
 *GYMfamily Event
Melitina Staniouta was the most successfully gymnast at the WC premiere


The international start into the post-Olympic season of rhythmic gymnastics is the 19th anniversary of the "International Miss Valentine Cup" in the Estonian city of Tartu.
This traditional event is the first time the status of an official World Cup Event.
Beginning on Friday evening and continued at Saturday with the both last two apparatus the Ukrainian Ganna RIZATDINOVA ends her all-around competition with the highest score of 69,282 points.On second place came Melitina STANIOUTA from Belarus, scoring 64,531 points.The third place went to the Azerbaijanian Marina DURUNDA with a score of 62,832.

At the Sunday's Final Melitina STANIOUTA (BLR) with ball (17,316 points), clubs (17,316) and ribbon (17,450) exercises.
All-around winner Ganna RiIZATDINOVA (UKR) was the best with hoop (17,850) and won also 3 three silver medals.

  .. full story >>

 31-Jan-2013    Tartu, Estonia
Rhythmic Gymnastics  
 World Star Aliya Garayeva as special guest at the first World Cup

World Cup Miss Valentine
8. - 10. Feb, Tartu

... if not in the World Cup standings, but the World bronze medalist of 2011 and fourth placed at the Olympics London 2012, Aliya Garayeva (AZE), adopted the invitation to the first World Cup of the season to Tartu (Estonia) only in the final Gala occur - but much to the delight of the organizers of the World Cup premiere in this Nordic country.
Thus equipped, the now 25-year-old exceptional athlete who has announced her retirement from competitive sports after the Olympics, and relized this after the Aeon Cup in December 2012 and she completed now her personal thanks to the organizers of the "Miss Valentine Cup" where she many times participated.
** ...
World Cup 2013 - Miss Valentine Cup 

 29-Jan-2013    Tartu, Estonia
Rhythmic Gymnastics  
 *GYMfamily Event
World Cup: Rhythmic Gymnastics: ' Miss Valentine'

... to the very first time
as a world cup in Estonia!

In two weeks, February 8 - 10, the traditional "Miss Valentine competition" takes place in Tartu, the second biggest city of Estonia to the 19th time, already - but to the very first time in its long history as a F.I.G World Cup event.
For nearly two decades this tournament in a row some of the best gymnasts come together every year on Valentine’s day to celebrate top gymnastics. Why just on Valentine’s day? The idea to organize such a competition came to world champion Janika Mölder in 1994 and the aim was to invite friends from different countries to participate.
As St. Valentine’s Day is a day of friendship and love this festival is for people who love gymnastics.
The festivity plays an important role in bringing warmth and grace to the crisp Estonian winter and is highly appreciated by the local audience.
Miss Valentine is known for its enjoyable ambience and cheering crowd.
  .. full story >>

 08-Dec-2012    Russia
Rhythmic Gymnastics  
 Evgenia Kanaeva - a Gymnastics Diva announces Retirement

Evgenia Kanaeva says Good Bye!

Russia's two-time Olympic champion, Evgenia KANAEVA, says she’s not going to compete anymore after being elected the vice-president of the All-Russian Rhythmic Gymnastics Federation.
 After her triumph at the 2012 Olympic Games, Kanaeva told the press that she may remain in the sport till Rio 2016, but her plans have changed.

In addition to the two all-round Olympic titles she won at the 2008 Beijing and 2012 London Games, the 22-year-old top star is a multiple European and world champion and also a nine-time winner of the Summer Universiade.
“I could’ve stayed and keep working hard, but I want to learn something else besides the training process.” , she told to the media. “I don’t rule out the possibility of me turning to coaching, as well as executing my responsibilities in the Federation,” she added. Meanwhile, Kanaeva’s coach, Irina Viner, has been re-elected as president of the All-Russian Rhythmic Gymnastics Federation at the organizations congress on Tuesday.

 18-Nov-2012    Tokyo, Japan
Rhythmic Gymnastics  
 65th RG All Japan Championships 2012: Runa Yamaguchi again!

Runa Yamaguchi (JPN)

The last years Japanese national champion from the leading Japanese club AEON, Runa YAMAGUCHI, defended her titel last weekend of the 65th All Japanese Championships 2012 of Rhythmic Gymnastics.
With the top score off 99,125 points she beat her teammate, the second placed Riko ANAKUBO (97,325), followed by Maho MIKAMI (95,950 from thr Tokyo Women's University of Physical Education ...
Yamaguchi said to GYMmedia correspondents: "I thought myself that I'd enjoy my performances. I was nervous and felt pressure as the top of RG Japan . Some mistakes happened at the second day , but I felt not so bad. I had confidence becourse I trainning so hard and I trust my coach. It's make me strong ! "  .. full story >>

 21-Oct-2012    Berlin,Germany
Rhythmic Gymnastics  
 12. Berlin Masters of Rhythmic Gymnastics

After the Grand Prix events Moscow and Thiais in 2012 spring, and in the summer in Hard (AUT) with the 12th Berlin Masters 2012 now follows another Grand Prix competition of the 2012 circuit in the Olympic year, which will be completed in Brno (CZE) at  the beginning of November. On Saturday, October 20 takes place the all-around qualification  in Berlin's  Max Schmeling-Hall  for the Sunday's Grand Prix' finals. Of course the Russian Olympic silver medalist, Daria Dmitrieva was the stated top favorite and won all the finals at Sunday.
A total of 12 gymnasts from 12 countries participated at this Grand Prix event. Among of them  the German champion Laura Jung, who cam on second place in all-around and with two apparatus and won two bronze medals, too ...
  .. full story >>

 15-Oct-2012    Tokyo, Japan
Rhythmic Gymnastics  
 30th 'CHACOTT Championships' 2012

The 30th anyversary of "Chacott CHAMPIONSHIPS 2012" was held in Tokyo last weekend. It is a very important national competition for the best of Japanese junior rhythmic gymnasts and the best national talents in the age groups between 10 and 15 years.Best in the all-around category in this year were IKaho Minagawa from one of the leading rhythmic gymnastics club "AEON" and Ritomo Ando, representing the "NPO Gifu RG Club". Both were winners also of last year's Chacott CAMPIONSHIPS 2011. AEON has developed three medalists this year , it's really amazing !  But at the same time, AEON team's gymnasts are beautiful and their physical talents are on a same high level like European rhythmic gymnasts, so our Japanese correspondents declared ....
  .. full story >>

 30-Sep-2012    Tokyo, Japan
Rhythmic Gymnastics  
 2012 AEON CUP
Team GAZPROM won Rhythmic Gymnastics Club Championships


At the this last weekend of September took place the traditional "AEON CUP 2012" in the Japanese capital of Tokyo. 20 club teams representing 18 different nations came to participate at this international top highlight of rhythmic gymnastics five weeks after the Olympic events in London.

Among their club teams started also two of the the three Olympic medalists:
Olympic champion Evgeniya Kanaeva (RUS) missed, but Daria Dmitrieva (RUS) was member of the GAZPROM team and Liubou Charkashyna in the Byelorussian DINAMO team.

The finals after the three competition days finished at Sunday.
At the end the ranking was not a big surprise: Team GAZPROM (RUS) won in front of DINAMO (BLR) and the DERIUGINA SCHOOL (UKR) ...
  .. full story >>

 17-Sep-2012    Sofia, Bulgaria
Rhythmic Gymnastics  
 Iliana Raeva will run for President ...

Iliana RAEVA (BUL)

<< Iliana Raeva (49) - one of the former Bulgarian top-trio of the earlier Eighties Raleva, Ignatova, Ralenkova - will run now for the presidential post of the Bulgarian Federation of Rhythmic Gymnastics at the upcoming General Assembly on 14 November, bTV reported.
The former national team coach announced her decision after the meeting of the Managing Board of the Federation.
The current Federation President Maria Gigova most probably will not run for reelection. Iliana Raeva denied the speculations that she had been offered the post of a sports minister. She specified that there had been only preliminary talks about the issue and no specific commitments. 

 15-Jul-2012    Minsk, Belarus
Rhythmic Gymnastics  
 Russia's Rhythmic Gymnastics Stars unbeatable ...

* TODAY: App. Finals!

Even at the last B-World Cup of Rhythmic gymnastics in Belarus capital Minsk stressed super-nation Russia their detached role in this discipline:
Russian group won the all-around competitionwith 57.250 points ahead of the formation of the Belarus host (57.025), ahead of Spain (54.925) and ahead of world champion Italy (54.850). 
At the Sunday's finals both times the rankings were: Russia in front of Belarus and Italy ...
Also in the individual all-around superstar and Olympic top favorite Evgenia Kanaeva (118.500) won before her compatriot Daria Dmitrieva (116.925).
Local hero Liubov Charkashina (115.175) ranked on third place.
  .. full story >>

 03-Jun-2012    Nizhny Novgorod, Russia
Rhythmic Gymnastics  
 28th Europeans of Rhythmiic Gymnastics 2012: Russia with eight of nine Titles!

All Groups Decisions
& Juniors App. Finals

34 years after Madrid 1978 now the 28th European Championships of Rhythmic Gymnastics takes place eight weeks before the Olympic competitions in London. Host city is Nizhny Novgorod, near Gorky in Russia, where one of the leading Russian centers of these graceful, feminine of all gymnastic disciplines is home. So the leading top nation of rhythmic gymnastics organizes to the third time such a big continental highlight, afzter the Europeans 2005 and 2006, which took place in Moscow. From Friday, June 1st to Sunday June 3rd where the decisions in the individual disciplines (all-around), as well as in groups, the elite division, as the juniors, which will be specially for all Olympic participants an excellent opportunitie 8 weeks before the absolute major event in August in London.
The first all-around gold medal went to the Russian Group, also a second after the Sundays finals, and at the end Russia won 8 of 9 titles altogether ...!  .. full story >>

 02-Jun-2012    Nishni Novgorod, Russland
Rhythmic Gymnastics  
 Olympic and World Champion Kanaeva in a fantastic pre-Olympic form!

Kanajewa (Mitte)
, Merkulowa (beide RUS), Garajewa (AZE; re)

The second day of the 28th European Championships of rhythmic gymnastics 2012 ended with the expected and overwhelming success of the Russian school of Rhythmic gymnastics:
Olympic gold medallist and world champion Evgeniya KANAEVA won the European crown in an impressive Olympic form and with 4 maximum ratings with all apparatus all-around gold and with the super score of 118,150!
Also the Vice Champion title, remained in the country of the hosts and went to Alexandra MERKULOWA (116,425), Aliya GARAEVA clinched bronze (AZE; 114,850), followed by the Byelorussian Liubov Charkashina (112,700), Bulgaria's Silvia Miteva (112,250) and Melitina Staniouta (BLR; 111,900).
Among the 19 gymnasts, the Austrian was eleventh Caroline Weber (109,300). Germany's competitor Laura Jung finished in 15th place (105,500.)
  .. full story >>

 10-May-2012    Chur, Switzerland
Rhythmic Gymnastics  
Swiss RLZ in Chur is seeking for a Rhythmic coach

.. in Russian, English, German, French!
... тоже по-русски !!

The GYMmedia JOB EXCHANGE is one of the most effective possibilities of seeking and finding competent GYM coaches and professional experts for all the gymnastics disciplines, worldwide!

The main reason is:
GYMmedia is visited by tens of thousends of users, representing more than 120 countries day by day (!) and exactly by that special audience, which is needed!

** Topical Offer:

(1) The Swiss regional Training Center (RLZ) in Chur (SUI) of Rhythmic Gymnastics is seeking for a qualified coach (60%) ...

 05-May-2012    Sofia, Bulgaria
Rhythmic Gymnastics  
 Rhythmic Gymnastics World Cup in Sofia

At the FIG World Cup of Rhythmic Gymnastics in the Bulgarian capital Sofia the Olympic and three-time world champion Yevgeniya Kanayeva of Russia won the all-round event with 28.625 points. Bulgaria’s best rhythmic gymnast Silvia Miteva was third in all-around has won a silver medal in the hoop and the clubs final. She received 27.600 points and grabbed her third medal at the tournament.
Kanayeva won also three of four finals, best of hoop was Kondakova.
At this "International Dundee Cup" the Bulgarian group collected 56,100 points in the group's all-around competition after scooping 28.000 points in five balls and 28,100 points in three ribbons and two hoops.
Italy's National Group came on second with 55,450 points and the group of Spain occupied the third position with 54,925 points.  .. full story >>

 29-Apr-2012    Penza, Russia
Rhythmic Gymnastics  
 Aliya Garayeva prevented total Russian World Cup Triumph

Alija Garajewa (AZE)
the worlds bronze medallist won with the hoop

At the rhird FIG World Cup event of the Olympic seasion in the Russian city of Penza only  the Azerbaijani Aliya GARAYEVA - third in all-around - broke more the victory phalanx of Russian gymnastics school by winning the hoop final!

Russia's best in all-around Daria KONDAKOVA (115.875) won the final ball, but twice they were beaten by the all-around second, her compatriot Daria DMITRIEVA, winning with clubs and the ribbon in front of Kondakova.

Also notable was the fourth place all-around of the young Korean SON, Jae Yeon, even won bronze with the hoop..

With only four participating groups in the same order-  in all-around finals and in both Final events - named Russia always ahead of Japan, Poland and Uzbekistan ...  .. full story >>

 15-Apr-2012    Pesaro, Italy
Rhythmic Gymnastics  
 Rhythmic Gymnastics World Cup: Russians won again to their heart's

Jewgenia Kanajewa: 4 Siege!


Mostly when Russian gymnasts start is clear: The medals are awarded. This also happend at the weekend in Pesaro (ITA) at the second rhythmic gymnastics world cup of the Olympiv season:

The Russian trio was overwhelming again: Evgenia Kanaeva (116,225), in front of Daria Kondakova (114,275) and Daria Dmitrieva (114,225) were the all-around results and the difference to the fourth placed Neta Rivkin (ISR) was 4.7 !!

 Four times gold medals went in the individual finals to Russia - 3 of them to  Kanaeva, twice won the top nation in the group competitions.

To the delight of the hosts, the group victory went there in the final 2 hoops / 3 ribbons to Italy ...  .. full story >>

 01-Apr-2004    Thiais /Frankreich
Rhythmic Gymnastics  
 Grand Prix: Russia with total Triumph in Thiais

Hardly in any other sport discipline the superiority of a nation is so clear as in rhythmic gymnastics!
One wonders already, no one that the international star Evgenia Kanaeva at the annual Grand Prix 2012 in Thiais (France)won after the all-around success of three final titles more with apparatus.
Only with hoop made ​​the Russian world champion her compatriot Daria Dmitrieva precedence.
Germany's Jana Berezko-Marggrander only ranked 12, Caroline Weber (Austria) came on 14th place but on 5th place in finals with clubs.
Russia could not be beaten in the group competitions and won all-around finals, and both apparatus finals in front of Belarus ...
  .. full story >>

 18-Mar-2012    Kiev, Ukraine
Rhythmic Gymnastics  
 First World Cup of Rhythmic Gymnastics in Kiev

Even without the two stars Kanaeva and Kondakova the world's top nation of rhythmic gymnastics Russia was unbeatable again - this time in the person of Daria Dmitrieva, who won not only the all-around competition (115.675) of the World Cup event  "Deryugina" in the Ukrainian capital Kiev with four apparatus top-scores, but also three of four final events last weekend.
Next in all-around - despite a respectable backlog of more than 2 points - were the two local hero inside Alina Maksimenko and Anna Risadtinowa from Ukraine. On Sunday Daria Dmitrieva success, winning three apparatus finals, but failed with the ball. So Alina Maksymenko saved the honor of Ukraine ...  .. full story >>

 11-Mar-2012    Riga, Latvia
Rhythmic Gymnastics  
 Baltic Hoop: Kanaeva wins four times in Riga

Evgenia Kanaeva

World Star Evgenia Kanaeva (116.650) and her Russian compatriot Alexandra MERKULOVA (111.600) underscored with a double success in all-around competition at the traditional international tournament "Baltic Hoop 2012" in the Latvian capital Riga, the outstanding position of the world's leading nation in this discipline.
In third place was at least the Belarusian Melitina Staniouta (110.800), the leading duo pretty close. 
At the final three times Kanaeva was the winner in front of Merkulova.
Only with the hoop Staniouta landed a victory, defeating the Russian duo ...  .. full story >>

 26-Feb-2012    Moscow, Russia
Rhythmic Gymnastics  
 Russian Gymnastics Quartet dominated 'GAZPROM' Grand Prix

Kondakova leading after all-around,
but without victory at final day!

A Russian quartet of top gymnasts dominated the all-around qualification of the first 2012 Rhythmic Gymnastics Grand Prix in the Russian capital, but also the finals at the closing day in Moscow:
<< Daria Kondakova << (114.750) in front of Evgenia Kanaeva (114.200), Daria Dmitrieva (112.800) and Alexandra Merkulova (111.050) was the ranking at the top of the standings, consisting of 37 gymnasts from 25 nations. The best non-Russian gymnast landed on fifth place with Sylviya Miteva 109.725 points.
Most successfull gymnast finally was the top-star Evgenia Kanaeva, winning three of foour golden medals at Sunday. Winner with the ball was her teammate Daria Dmitrieva ...  .. full story >>

 18-Jan-2012    London, Great Britain
Rhythmic Gymnastics  
 Olympic Qualification - Part III: Rhythmic Gymnastics - the AA Finals

January 16 - 18

After the artistic and trampoline events at the "2012 Pre-Olympics" in London took place the second chance to qualify for the Olympic Games also for the rhythmic gymnasts. Individual gymnasts performed four routines – hoop, ball, clubs and ribbon. Behind the winner Daria KONDAKOVA (RUS) the next five gymnasts are qualified for the London Olympics next summer, also the best four groups in all-around. Wednesday, Jan 18 the gymnastics events finished with the rhythmic all-around finals and the winner Daria Kondakova (RUS) and the victory of Spanish group ... ...  .. full story >>

 13-Nov-2011    Bilbao / Spain
Rhythmic Gymnastics  
 Euskalgym 2011 - Gymnastic's Party in Bilbao (Spain)

Anna Bessonova (UKR)
- performing her gala

On Saturday afternoon the Basque Federation of Gymnastics held again the unique “Euskalgym” in Bilbao (Spain). The “Euskalgym”- Gala is thought as a gymnastics event for everybody, without scores and pressures for the participating gymnasts and with very popular ticket prices for the public and even an autograph session with the international gymnasts.
In this sixth edition the audience in the sold-out “Bilbao Arena” enjoyed the performances and gala routines of 11 of the best individual rhythmic gymnastics of the world.
From Russia performed Vice-World Champion Daria Kondakova and her teammates Daria Dmitrieva and Yana Lukonina.
Also Aliya Garaeva from Azerbaidjan travelled to Bilbao as well as Silvia Miteva from Bulgaria and Liubov Charkashyna and Melitina Staniuta from Belarus. For the first time in Bilbao was Ulyana Trofimova from Uzbekistan....  .. full story >>

 30-Oct-2011    Tokyo, Japan
Rhythmic Gymnastics  
 GAZPROM and Kanaeva on Top at the 2011 AEON Cup

GAZPROM and Kanaeva

The traditional Aeon-Cup 2011 in Tokyo - a worldwide team competition of the top clubs of rhythmic gymnastics - were won bei the favorite Russian team "GAZPROM", followed by the Byelorussian "DINAMO" Club from Minsk and the Ukrainian "DERIUGINA School from Kiev. On fourth place came the Japanese host, the "AEON Club" Tokyo.
And it was no surprise, that the world champion Evgenia KANAEWA won also the all-around (117,759), followed by her teammate Daria KONDAKOVA (117,500) and the Ukrainian Alina MAKSYMENKO (110,875)
Also the victor of the junior competition came from Russia: Alexandra SOLDATOVA (105,725) in front of the Japanese Kaho MINAGAWA from the hosting AEON-Club ...  .. full story >>

 16-Oct-2011    Brno, Czech Republic
Rhythmic Gymnastics  
 Total Grand Prix Triumph: Russian Double Pike again ...!
World Premiere: Kanaeva with dream score of '30,000'!

Kanaeva (RUS): 30,000 points!
- more is not possible!

The Russian duo Evgenia KANAJEWA and Daria DMITRIEWA where not only top at the Saturday's all-around competion, but also with the total triumph at the final day of the 2011 fifth Grand Prix of Rhythmic Gymnastics in the Czech city of Brno:
The Russians won all the 5 golden and all the 5 silver medals of this event.
To the very first time a gymnast scored the dream score of "30,000" points: Evgenia KANAEVA with the ribbon!

Aliya GARAYEVA (AZE) won the "rest" of all the 5 bronzes ...!
All the other 14 gymnasts, representing 13 different nations were out of chances ore medals - a special situation in this discipline!
After Moscow, Holon, Thiais and Berlin it was the 5th and last Grand Prix event of the 2011 circuit ...  .. full story >>

 25-SEP-2011    Montpellier, France
Rhythmic Gymnastics  
 *SPIETH Gymnastic' presents...:
31. WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS Rhythmic Gymnastic (Olympic qualification)

** All information:
>> ... see also our WCh event-website

The last World Championships before the Olympic Games are always of special interest:  At these 31st World Championships in Rhythmic Gymnastics in Montpellier in Southern France from 19th to 25th of September not only the new world´s best gymnasts are crowned, but it´s also the first step in the qualification for the Olympic Games in London, qualifying directly the 15 best individual gymnasts and the first six groups of the all-around competition.
* The Russian star Evgenia KANAEVA repeats six gold medal records, the total triumph at these Worlds ...!
* The Group of ITALY defended the all-around title successfully, in front of Russia and Bulgaria.
* On SUNDAY the groups finals will finish these Worlds.
"SPIETH Gymnastic " - worldwide partner in rhythmic gymnastics offers you the GYMmedia daily reports from Montpellier:
>> GYMmedia -WCh - W e b s i t e 

 22-Aug-2011    Shenzhen, China
Rhythmic Gymnastics  
 Russia's Rhythmic Gymnasts dominate also the Universiade


After the end of the artistic gymnastics competitions at the 26th UNIVERSIADE 2011 in Shenzhen, the Chinese hosts are happy to welcome the Russian world stars of Rhythmic Gymnastics at the competitions this weekend.

<< So the world champion Evgenia KANAEWA and her Russian teammate Daria DMITRIEVA are also among the 30 participants from 21 nations, like Aliya GARAEVA (AZE) and Ukrainians best gymnast Alina MAKSIMENKO ...

At the second day Russia's stars are on the top of the all-around competition on Sunday and on Monday Evgenia Kanaeva won three of four finals;
only the ribbon was won by her teammate Daria Dmitrieva ..
  .. full story >>

 06-Jul-2011    Astana, Kazakhstan
Rhythmic Gymnastics  
 Kazakhstan Rhythmic Gymnastics championship ends in Astana

Anna Alyabyeva (KAZ)

The 2011 Kazakhstan National Rhythmic Gymnastics Championship has come to an end in Astana. At the same time, the city staged the third sports games of the republic of Kazakhstan.
The Pavlodar region team took first place in the team standings while Astana came second and the third place went to the team representing Eastern Kazakhstan.
Meanwhile, the championship also determined its winners as gold medals were given to the country’s leading gymnast Anna Alyabyeva while Marina Petrakova came second and Mizana Ismailova arrived third.
  .. full story >>

 29-May-2011    Minsk, Belarus
Rhythmic Gymnastics  

The European Gymnastics Union  (UEG) organizes to the 27th time  EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIPS of RHYTHMIC GYMNASTICS:
After Bremen 2010 now the Byelorussian capital Minsk is hosting this continental event, which will held in the Minsk Arena.
These are championships  for individual senior (hoop, ball, clubs, ribbon) - nations competition and apparatus finals and junior groups - the same program like two years ago in Baku (AZE).
* TODAY: Final Day in Minsk: Two golden Medals for Byelorussian host!
The official Supplier, the German company SPIETH Gymnastic supports the GYMmedia coverages from Minsk on
>> ECh- GYMmedia Website 

 02-May-2011    Lausanne, Switzerland
Rhythmic Gymnastics  
 * Doping case

Rut Castillo Galindo (MEX)

* fig press release --: On December 4, 2010 at the Pan American Rhythmic and Trampoline Gymnastics Championships in Guadalajara (MEX), Mexican gymnast Rut Castillo Galindo tested positive for sibutramine, a stimulant specified on the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) Prohibited Substance List.

The case had been transmitted
to the FIG Disciplinary Commission and proceedings were opened. The FIG Disciplinary Commission has ruled to suspend Ms Rut Castillo Galindo for a period of 6 (six) months from the date of notification of the decision, ...  .. full story >>

28-Aug-2011 Russia's Rhythmic Gymnastics Group - top at the World Cup
20-Jul-2011 * DRAWING of LOTS
31st Worlds Rhythmixc Gymnastics
18-Jun-2011 Kanaeva wins Toshiba Trophy in Barcelona
08-May-2011 World Cup Rhythmic Gymnastics - Kiev
01-May-2011 FIG Rhythmic Gymnastics World Cup
24-Apr-2011 FIG World Cup for Groups at Easter Weekend
17-Apr-2011 World Cup Rhythmic Gymnastics - Kalamata
17-Apr-2011 Finish Nationals of Rhythmic Gymnastics
27-Mar-2011 Second Rhythmic World Cup in Pesaro
06-Mar-2011 GYMfamily Event
05-Mar-2011 Second Grand Prix 2011 - 10th Anniversary in Holon
27-Feb-2011 2011 Grand Prix Premiere with total triumph of Evgenia Kanaeva
23-Feb-2011 Schedule of the Grand Prix Circuit 2011 fixed !
20-Feb-2011 II. Interconti Rhythmic Junior Cup 2011
16-Feb-2011 * GYMfamily Event
* PREVIEW: 3rd International Interconti Cup 2011
31-Jan-2011 Small Prelude of the Rhythmic Gymnastics World Cup Circuit
29-Jan-2011 Passing of veteran gymnastics photographer Patrick Tower
23-Jan-2011 A Mexican Girl wins in Canada
26-Nov-2010 * GYMfamily Event
Rhythmic Gymnastics Individual All-around Final

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