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 30-Sep-2013    Antwerp, Belgium
Artistic Gymnastics  
44th Worlds of Artistic Gymnastics - after 110 years in Antwerp again

44th GYM-WORLDS, Antwerp 2013
When starting on Monday (30 09 -. 06:10) Belgium is hosting a World Gymnastics Championship for the third time in the history. The city of Antwerp, which hosted a first "International Tournament" 110 years ago, which subsequently received the status of the "1st world championships" in 1934, at the 10th Worlds in Budapest, welcomes now about 400 gymnasts from 74 different countries to the second time in history. Also, the first world gymnastics (FIG-) president, Nicolas J. Cuperus, was a Belgian ...

Among the current top-athletes of these Worlds now in the Belgian seaport Antwerp - which are also the 35th women's Worlds - are also many established veterans, including Oksana Chusovitina (38 years) and Mitja Petkovsek (36) as the oldest virtuosos in the world, in a good mix of many new and ambitious youngster on their way to the upcoming Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro 2016 ... ....
  .. full story >>

 25-Sep-2013    SWEDEN, BEL, SUI, FIN, LUX ...
Artistic Gymnastics  
Coaches for Gymnastics in Sweden, Belgium, Switzerland, Luxemburg

.. in Russian, English, German, French!
... тоже по-русски !!

The GYMmedia JOB EXCHANGE is one of the most effective possibilities of seeking and finding competent GYM coaches and professional experts for all the gymnastics disciplines, worldwide!  The main reason is:
GYMmedia is visited by tens of thousends of users, representing more than 120 countries day by day (!) and exactly by that special audience, which is needed!

** Topical Offer:

(1) Sweden's Gymnastics club "GK-Motus Salto" in Malmo is seeking for a women's artistic gymnastics head coach ....
... more offers...:  .. full story >>

 23-Sep-2013    Yokohama, Japan
Artistic Gymnastics  
 Baily KEY (USA) with a total triumph in Yokohama

Bailie KEY: 5x GOLD!
US Junior Champion

2013 U.S. junior all-around champion Bailie KEY of Montgomery, Texas/Texas Dreams, won the all-around at the 2013 International Junior Gymnastics Competition at the Yokohama (Japan) Cultural Gymnasium.  Key won the event with a 58.400, followed by China's Yan Wang at 56.900 and by Lauren HERNANDEZ (US, Vice junior champion) with 56.750 points. Key posted the highest event score for vault and won on Monday all the apparatus finals...!!
On men's side Japan's Kazuma KAYA (86,450) and Wataru KANIGAWA (85,400) won in front of Brinn BEVAN (GBR; 84,800). On Final day Kaya was the best on pommel horse and high bar...
  .. full story >>

 18-Sep-2013    Great Britain
Artistic Gymnastics  
 Britisch Gym Team in Antwerp

Max Whitlock (GBR)

The British gymnasts selected to compete at the 2013 artistic gymnastics World Championships in Antwerp, Belgium (30 September - 6 October) have been confirmed with a host of Olympic heroes complemented by some of the sport's rising stars.

The six strong men’s team includes double 2012 Olympic medallist Max Whitlock who this year has already taken the English and British all-around titles as well as three European medals.
Max is joined by Olympic team bronze medal winners Daniel Purvis, Sam Oldham and Kristian Thomas. Daniel Keatings, the 2013 European pommel horse champion and Ashley Watson complete the line-up.
The women’s team features Ruby Harrold who made the 2013 European Championships all-around, bars and beam final and Beijing Olympian Rebecca Downie who joined Ruby in the European bars final.
London 2012 gymnasts Hannah Whelan and Rebecca Tunney make a welcome return to major championship action to complete the team.
  .. full story >>

 15-Sep-2013    Osijek, Croatia
Artistic Gymnastics  
 Challenge Cup 'Grand Prix' in Osijek

After the stations Cottbus (GER),  Doha (QAT), Ljubljana (SLO) and Anadia (POR) the next and 5th F.I.G. Challenge Cup 2013 took place in Osijek, Croatia this weekend.
The Finals of this "Grand Prix" ended on Sunday: While the victories on men's side went to gymnasts from six different nations, the Dutch women realized two successes by Sanne Wevers (balance beam) and Noel van Klaveren (vault):  .. full story >>

 03-Sep-2013    Buenos Aires, Argentinien
Artistic Gymnastics  
 Johanna Quaas captured Argentine hearts:
... staying in the TV Top Talk of Susana Gimenéz in Buenos Aires

Johanna Quaas, Susana Giménez

What Oprah Winfrey is in the U.S. or Raffaela Carrá are in Italy or Spain, this is in the Monday's, evening prime time in Argentina, the talk show "SG" on the TV channel "Telefe".

<<  The abbreviation stands ("SG") for Susana Gimenéz as hostess (- pictured, right) who last night live in Buenos Aires as a TV-Studio guest received Johanna QUAAS from Germany - the "oldest active Gymnast of the World" - confirmed last year by the "Guinness Book of World Records!

This TV show is not only the largest and most popular talk show in Argentina, but the only one in Latin America, which succeeded so far to present dozens of stars from Hollywood and also from Europe ...
  .. full story >>

 15-Aug-2013    Stuttgart, Germany
Artistic Gymnastics  
 German Marcel Nguyen and Lisa Katarina Hill fall out of the Worlds in Antwerp

Marcel Nguyen, Lisa Katharina Hill
(- both MTV Stuttgart)

The German Gymnastics Federation (DTB) has in the upcoming 44th World Championships of Artistic Gymnastics 2013 (30 09 - 06 10, Antwerp) waive the Olympic silver medalist in the all around and on parallel bars to Marcel Nguyen (MTV Stuttgart).
Similarly to his club mate Lisa Katharina Hill. While Hill had a foot injury (right) incurred in the USA training camp in Boston, Nguyen argues with "some recovery" in favor of "long-term performance of content structure" for his ultimate goal of the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro.  .. full story >>

 07-Aug-2013    Great Britain
Artistic Gymnastics  
 Beth Tweddle (GBR) announces her retirement

Elisabeth TWEDDLE (GBR)


* f i g - news --:  A champion retires

Great Britain's Elizabeth Tweddle officially announced her retirement from competitive gymnastics bringing to an end one of the greatest careers in the history of our sport.
On the anniversary of her Olympic uneven bars bronze medal, Beth retires with an outstanding catalogue of achievements spanning three Olympic Games and including three World and six European Championship titles.

The first British woman to win Olympic, European or World Championship medals, Beth is considered to be the most successful British gymnast of all time.
The undoubted queen of British gymnastics, Beth inspired a whole generation of gymnasts, coaches and clubs, leaving a legacy that can be seen across Great Britain.

  .. full story >>

 16-Jul-2013    Brazil
Artistic Gymnastics  
 Brazilian Olympic Committee hires Alexandre Alexandrov
as coach of Brazil's women's national Gymnastics Team

The Brazilian Olympic Committee (COB) hired the Russian Alexander Alexandrov, one of the best artistic gymnastics coaches in the world, to lead the Brazilian team of that sports until the Olympic Games Rio 2016. The new head coach of the national team was introduced on Friday, July 12th, at the headquarters of COB, in Rio de Janeiro.
Next week, the coach will be in Três Rios (State of Rio de Janeiro), where he will meet for the first time with the athletes of the national team for a week of training and assessments.
  .. full story >>

 16-Jul-2013    Utrecht / NED
Artistic Gymnastics  
 12th European Youth Olympic Festival: Artistic Gymnastics

Great Britain boy's team have taken the team GOLD on the opening day of competition at the 2013 European Youth Olympic Festival in Utrecht.

The team of Nile Wilson, Brinn Bevan and Jay Thompson combined to score 169.550 to put them clear in the top of the podium ahead of Russia with 167.300 and Italy in bronze scoring 161.300.

Brinn Bevan was the top of the all-around rankings with a superb performance to score him 84.750 closely followed by Nile Wilson with 84.650.

(* We are just waiting for the updates of results after the third and last subdivision ...!) 

 29-Jun-2013    Esslingen, Germany
Artistic Gymnastics  
 British Girls won a friendly meet in Germany

British junior team won in Germany

In the German city of Esslingen, near Stuttgart - city of the co. SPIETH Gymnastics - not only high-tech equipment for the gymnastics produced, but there were also "high-tech" demonstrations of the European Gymnastics juniors on these apparatus to admire: Before inspiring scenery, a four countries struggle of female youth gymnasts (ages 14/15 ) between Great Britain, France, Switzerland and host Germany.
<< The victory went to the British girls: >> 

 06-Mai-2013    Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Artistic Gymnastics  
 Chusovitina met Schwarzenegger

Arnold & Oksana
(c) gymmedia/privat

An unusual encounter of sporty style
The exception gymnast Oksana Chusovitina (UZB) hit the "Terminator".

During her stay in Rio de Janeiro late April Oksana looked at a charity-show the benefit of more than 9,000 (!) poor and orphaned children, organized by Arnold Schwarzenegger.
The German language facilitated the communication between the two.
The Austrian-born Schwarzenegger and the Uzbek naturalized in Germany both sought the conversation on the occasion of this event, and found it as the attached photo shows. 

 05-May-2013    Rio de Janeiro
Artistic Gymnastics  
 Olympic champion Zanetti dissatisfied with conditions at home

Zanetti (BRA): ... displeased!

London Olympic gymnastics champ on still rings, Arthur Zanetti of Brazil, is threatening to switch nationalities ahead of his upcoming hometown Games in Rio unless the nation’s Olympic Committee is willing to invest in his sport going forward.
“When I won the gold medal in London everybody said my life was going to change, but it hasn’t changed at all,” Zanetti told the TV Globo Sunday. Zanetti won his gold in London 2012 at the rings competition over defending champion Chen Yibing of China.
The Brazilian star hopes to win on his home soil in 2016, but promises of funding have gone unfulfilled. Now he’s getting a little antsy. “I have already begun thinking about competing for another country if the opportunity arises,” Zanetti, who’s forced to share the gym with 300 other athletes, added. “I would do it with a broken heart, because I am Brazilian and I like to be Brazilian. But if another country offered me what I needed, I would go.”  .. full story >>

 28-Apr-2013    Ljubljana, Slovenia
Artistic Gymnastics  
 46th Salamunov Memorial: Three Canadian and two Grecce Victories!

... after Cottbus and Doha
3rd Challenge Cup 2013


The 46 anniversary of the "International Salamunov Memorial 2013" takes place in the Slovanian capital Ljubljana, this weekend.
It is one of the most traditional event in Europe and in this year the third Challenge Cup after Cottbus and Doha.
It will be also there the emotional, big "Goodbye" of one of the great stars of international artistic gymnastics, the highbar artist Aljaz PEGAN, who created his special sault with a half rotation on high bar, wellknown as the "Pegan".
At the first final day two Greeces won gold...
After the last Sunday's final the Canadian Elsabeth BLACK was the most successfully gymnast, winning three golden medals in Lubljana (SLO)

  .. full story >>

 21-Apr-2013    Moscow, Russia
Artistic Gymnastics  

For the 5th Time, the historic 35th European Championships of Artictic Gymnastics for men and the 34th Women's Europeans 2013 in Moscow, from April 17th to April 21, took place at the Olympic complex in the Russian capital as so-called "Individual Europeans", like recently in Berlin 2011, with all-around decisions and the apparatus finals.
To about 160 gymnasts from 37 European nations are on the entry list, but of whom want to participate on all-around only just over 40%! Of the approximately 90 women from 30 countries deny least 64 gymnasts the full all-around competition (over 75%).
By resigning Philipp Boy (GER) and the injured Anna Dementieva (RUS) are missing the all-around title-holder of Berlin 2011.
Apparatus Finals: Six Golden and 9 Medals for Russian Hosts
* All the information
we provide on the GYMmedia ECh site, which is also supported this year by SPIETH Gymnastics again:
>> GYMmedia ECh Website 

 22-Apr-2013    Wallisellen / Switzerland
Artistic Gymnastics  
 British Junior boys dominated in Switzerland

* British Gymnastics ---: Whilst the senior men’s artistic team were making history at the European Championships in Moscow, the Breat Britain's Junior men’s team of Brinn Bevan, Hamish Carter, Giarnni Regini-Moran, Harry Caulwell, Nile Wilson and Jay Thompson were proving that they are the stars of the future as they dominated an under 18 four way international in Switzerland. 
British boys took the team title with 333.750 ahead of Switzerland in second (325.350), France in third (320.350) and Germany on fourth (307,500).
Great Britain’s Nile Wilson (85,900) took the top spot in the all-around competition with teammate Brinn Bevan(83,900) taking silver.
All the squad showed some outstanding individual performances. Best Swiss gymnast was Taha Serhani (83,450) on third and Anthony Randrianasolo (81,100) as the best French came on fifth place.

>> Detailed Results

 30-Mar-2013    Chemnitz / Germany
Artistic Gymnastics  
 US-Girls won Triple Meet vs. Germany and Romania

Even in the ninth comparison between the national squads of U.S. and Germany were on the weekend in Chemnitz the guests victorious:
The USA won with 234,050 points, ahead of host Germany, scoring 210,600).
The third international match opponent, a young junior team from Romania, finished on third place, with 205,150 points.

Best gymnast in all-around was the more experienced Olympian Kyla Ross (< photo left) was with 59,300 points, followed by her compatriots Simone Biles and Margaret Nichols and by junior Bailie Key (each 58,000).
Best Romania was junior Andreea Munteanu (54,900) on 8th place, followed by the best German junior, Tabea Alt on 9th ...
* ... more on > GYMmedia Event-Website

 29-Mar-2013    Doha, Qatar
Artistic Gymnastics  
 2nd Challenge Cup 2013 in Doha:
* The Final Events on Thursday & Friday

Some 140 gymnasts representing a total of 33 different countries are registered to compete at the event that takes place for the sixth consecutive year since its launch in 2008.
After kick off last weekend in Cottbus (GER), Doha is the second stopover of the 2013 FIG World Challenge Cup series and features qualifications on Wednesday and Apparatus finals on Thursday and Friday.
Doha hosts of the Qatar Gymnastics Federation are known for top notch organisation and hospitality, which have attracted an increasing number of delegations and gymnasts to the competition at the Aspire Academy Dome. “Gymnasts like to come here because we provide them with world class facilities. They appreciate the high quality of event and hospitality that they experience here,” said Qatar Gymnastics Federation President Ali al Hitmi.
On Thursday took place the Final Day 1 in the Aspire Dome of Doha and the Challenge Cup ended on Friday, March 29 ....  .. full story >>

 24-Mar-2013    Cottbus, Germany
Artistic Gymnastics  
 37th 'TOURNAMENT OF MASTERS' as a 'Challenge-Cup' again

2013, March 21 - 24

From March 21 to 24, the national and international stars of gymnastics will meet at the 37th Edition of the traditional "Tournament of Masters®" in the Lausitz-Arena of Cottbus (GER).
It is the first of the following yet another four Challenge Cups until September, which is about the individual performances of all Olympic apparatus.
The record-breaking number of registrations of 158 mal and 98 female gymnasts from 47 countries testifies to the great response of this event and shows the international significance of the Challenge Cup.
Included are the first class and top-athletes from the U.S.A., Japan, China and Russia. The German host started with some very interest new faces in the new Olympic cyclus ...
* TODAY:  Final day 2 in Cottbus

* Read more at our > GYMmedia Tournament-Website 

 24-Mar-2013    Great Britain
Artistic Gymnastics  
 Britain’s best crowned in apparatus and masters finals

Gabby Jupp (GBR)

* British Gymnastics --: The final day of the 2013 Men’s and Women’s British Championships saw the women battle it out in their respective age groups to be crowned individual apparatus champions, and the men battle to be event Masters.
Men's all-around winner was Max Whitlock. In the Senior women’s competition, 2013 all-around champion, Gabby Jupp continued to shine taking two more gold medals on both the floor and beam. She also took silver on the bars behind established gymnast, 2008 Olympian Becky Downie from Notts. Niamh Rippin also from Notts took the final title on the vault for the second year in a row.
The men’s Masters finals took place alongside the women’s apparatus finals. The men use their results from the all-around to crown apparatus champions within the age groups but the masters are where any of the gymnasts who competed in the Under 16, Under 18 or Senior categories are ranked together to find the top 8 gymnasts from across the board.
  .. full story >>

 17-Mar-2013    La Roche Sur Yon, France
Artistic Gymnastics  
 World Cup 19th France International

2013, March 16 / 17
> Qualification results

Two weeks after the first  All-around World Cup (American Cup)  the first World cup on the individual apparatus takes place in France.
Saturday, March 16, at the the qualification rounds some on the top specialists took the leed at the different apparatus:  So Russia's Ksenia Afanasyeva was the best on balance beam and also on floor exercises and the Grand Dame of international gymnastics, Oxana Chusovitina (37 years!) leads on vault and two Canadians were on top at the uneven bars: Sabrina Gill and Kaitlyn Hofland...
Jacob Dalton (USA) was the best after floor routine in front of Romania's Flavio Koczi. The others on top were Krisztian Berki (pommel horese), Denis Alyazin (RUS; rings), Yang, Hak Seon (KOR; vault), Vasileios Tsolakidis (GRE; parallel bars) and Enin Garibov (RUS; high bar).
* The Sunday final results are ...:  .. full story >>

 07-Mar-2013    Great Britain
Artistic Gymnastics  
 Eddie Van Hoof selected to UK Sport’s new Elite Programme

Eddy van Hoof (GBR)
Men's Head Coach

Ten of the UK’s top high performance coaches have been chosen to be part of the inaugural intake of UK Sport’s World Class Coaching:
Elite Programme, and proudly amongst them is Great Britain's men's artistic national coach Eddie Van Hoof.
The ten coaches have been chosen due to their proven ability to deliver success at the highest level within the British high performance system, and will benefit from a ground-breaking three-year development programme, with an investment of approximately £20,000 per coach, per year. The Elite Programme will allow unparalleled access to world leading expertise, technology and experiences, while delivery of the programme will highly bespoke, designed to meet the needs of every individual coach and sport.  .. full story >>

 02-Mar-2013    Worcester / USA
Artistic Gymnastics  
 US Host dominated American Cup 2013

The American Cup 2013 in Worcester (USA) opened the international artistic gymnastics season 2013. The both US world cup debutantes Katelyn Ohashi and Simone Biles won the all-around in the DCU Center in Worcester / USA. Also on men's side the victory remained with the hosts: Jacob Dalton (USA) won ahead Oleg Verniaiev (UKR), Marcel Nguyen (GER) came on third place.  .. full story >>

 01-Mar-2013    Halle/Saale, GERMANY
Artistic Gymnastics  
 The world's oldest competitive gymnast celebrated Golden Wedding

Johanna & Gerhard Quaas
- a Golden Pair!

In silence and humility, and only in the immediate family and friends celebrated Johanna Quaas (87) and her husband Gerhardt their 50th Wedding Anniversary.
In order for the birthday girl should also be the world's only active gymnast who committed this rare golden wedding or during their time as an active athlete.

Not for nothing is it since September in the Guinness Book of World Records after her sensational petition exercises had caused enormous spread via Youtube (> 8 million views!) and recognized worldwide wave.
Interview requests and wishes from TV broadcasters and journalists from more than 20 countries ran towards the now 87-year exceptional athlete - from Japan, China, Scandinavia, Spain, Brazil, USA .... so that needs now special logistical structures to be fair this media onslaught.
  .. full story >>

 02-Feb-2013    Chemnitz, Germany
Artistic Gymnastics  
 * GYMfamily Event
Meet of the Year: Germany - Romania - USA!

2013, March 30

After the first meeting of a German woman squad again since the political change against a USA Selection 2009 in Bergisch Gladbach, now Germany's gymnasts meet again on a selection of the best USA gymnasts in the past-Olympic year 2013, but not only that:
The city of Chemnitz  hometown of the German Vice Champion "TuS Chemnitz", and the European junior champion Sophie Scheder - will host a three-country meet on 30 March 2013, because no less than the top gymnastics nation Romania joins it!
A demanding challenge will be there for the German girls who had recently missed in London 2012 in ninth Olympic team finals by less than 4/10 points, when the Olympic Champions (USA) and the bronze squad (ROU) invite now as guests, even if the appear in a completely new composition - an interesting and high-class encounter lies ahead there! * More on > Meet of the Year: GER - ROU - USA 

 24-Feb-2013    Sofia, Bulgaria
Artistic Gymnastics  
 Bulgaria's record-breaker Jordan Jovtchev bows out

Jordan Jovtchev (BUL)

performed now finally his resignation as gymnast!

Bulgaria's record-breaking Olympic gymnast Jordan Jovtchev mounted the rings for the last time in Sofia on Saturday, February 24 on the eve of the silver-haired athlete's 40th birthday.
At the Olympic Games London 2012 Jovtchev became the first male gymnast to compete at six Games - and he heads into retirement with three bronze and one silver medal, and a further 22 world and European championship medals.
Jovtchev made his Olympic debut at the age of 19 in Barcelona in 1992 but it took another eight years before he won his first two Olympic bronze medals on rings and floor at the age of 27 in Sydney in 2000.
Four years later he took silver on rings and a bronze on floor in Athens.
"I am tired now and I do not want to feel this pain anymore but I'll probably start to miss all this very soon," he winked. Jovtchev remains Bulgaria's gymnastics federation president, a job he has undertaken together with competing since 2008.  .. full story >>

 17-Feb-2013    Lausanne, Switzerland
Artistic Gymnastics  
 World Star Chusovitina starts for Uzbekistan again

Oksana Chusovitina (37),
currently training in the U.S. :
' ... I'm very happy about this decision!


By a decision on Friday by the Executive Committee of the International Gymnastics Federaition (F.I.G.) the 37-years old exceptional athlet Oksana CHUSOVITINA is qualified again for her native country Uzbekistan.

With the support of the Uzbek Gymnastics Federation Oksana Chusovitina made the appropriate application, which included the consent of the German Gymnastics Federation, with the intention, to start again for her orogin country, wher her unique sport career begun, nearly a quarter century before.
Chusovitina, who has a German passport since 2006, wants to start again for her native country, where her incredible career begun about a quarter of a century.

Her athletic goal is to retake the 2016 Olympics in Rio - the 7th time in a row!
That would be a unique record in artistic gymnastics...!
Her German citizenship Oksana Chusovitina but will retain.


 16-Feb-2013    Athen, Greece
Artistic Gymnastics  
 Zanetti-conqueror Eleftherios Petrounias will start in France and Cottbus


In an interview with the leading U.S. Gymnastics Magazine "International Gymnast"  the 22-year Greek and newcomer rings specialist Eleftherios PETROUNIAS announced his coming for the World Cup at France World Cup of the post-Olympic year, and the first FIG Challenge Cup, the "Tournament of Masters" at the end of March in Cottbus.
Sensational way last November the 22-year-old Greek athlet defeated the Brazilian Olympic champion on still rings, Arthur ZANETTI, at the FIG Challenge in Ostrava with 0,025 point lead on his special apparatus, but with a difference of 0,4 points difficulty value ...

* ...
GYMmedia-Challenge-Cup Cottbus 2013


 04-Feb-2013    Madrid, Spain
Artistic Gymnastics  
 Spanish gymnastic coach Jesus Carballo suspended over ‘bad treatment’

Jesus Carballo: he was shocked himself by his release!!


Spain’s longtimes artistic gymnastics coach, Jesus Carballo Garcia, has been suspended following allegations from a former gymnast over “bad treatment” when she was under his guidance during the 1980s.

The decision was taken after an investigation carried out by the Superior Council of Sports (CSD), ruled that Garcia would be refused entry to the team’s training centre after an unnamed gymnast went to the Spanish authorities with her complaints.
“The CSD have taken the decision to refuse Jesus Carballo access to the the team’s training centre after learning of the complaints against him from a former gymnast over bad treatment,” a CSD spokesman said. “The case has been handed to the police and we must now wait for the conclusions,”  wrote AFP. 

 24-Jan-2013    Baku, Azerbaijan
Artistic Gymnastics  
 'European Games' - scheduled in 2015

Baku (AZE), 23rd January - Mehriban Aliyeva, the wife of the President of Azerbaijan, Ilham Aliyev, who is also president of the NOC, has been appointed Chair of the Baku 2015 Organising Committee, the organisers of the inaugural "EUROPEAN GAMES", scheduled in two years time.
The "2015 Baku European Games" were approved by the EOC General Assembly last 8th December in Rome, and will take place in early summer in 2015, when 7,000 athletes will come together to compete in 20 sports.
  .. full story >>

 19-Jan-2013    Esslingen, Stuttgart (GER)
Artistic Gymnastics  
 'SPIETH Gymnastics' is sponsoring world class athlet Marcel Nguyen


SPIETH Gymnastics
is proud to announce a new sponsoring partnership with the German top-gymnast Marcel Nguyen.
The London 2012 double silver medalist is looking forward to the new partnership and stated:
“I have been training and competing on SPIETH apparatuses worldwide since the beginning of my gymnastics career, I am very happy to be partner of SPIETH!”

SPIETH sales manager Juergen Garziella said: 
 "We know and appreciate Marcel Nguyen for many years all the more we are pleased that this likeable and authentic gymnast has an international breakthrough and now enjoys a high media interest -. SPIETH for an ideal partner.
We are looking forward to working together and wish Marcel Nguyen continued. Much success in sport and health".

  .. full story >>

 18-Jan-2013    Doha, Qatar
Artistic Gymnastics  
 Qatars President Al-Hitmi re-elected!

* f i g - news --: President of the Qatar Gymnastics Federation (QGF), Ali Achmad AL-HITMI, has been re-elected for another four-year term by delegates attending the General Assembly in the Qatari capital of Doha, December 25, 2012. President Al-Hitmi is a former FIG Council Member (2009 – 2012), and as of January 1, 2013 a Member of the FIG Executive Committee, following his election at the recent FIG Congress in Cancun (MEX), October 2012. The election of the QGF President to the FIG Executive Board reinforces Asian Union presence among the authorities of the international Federation; the Union is, incidentally, led by Mr. Abdulrahman Al-Shatri, also of Qatari origin. In his electoral speech, President Al-Hitmi declared his commitment to the development of gymnastics within his national federation, as well as locally and internationally.  .. full story >>

 31-Dec-2012    Barcelona, Spain
Artistic Gymnastics  
 Spain's Olympian Andreu VIVO died with 34 years

Andreu VIVO (ESP) died!

Spanish Olympic gymnast Andreu Vivo died of a heart attack in the Catalonian district of Collbaix early Sunday morning (December 30) while he was mountain climbing, the Catalonian Gymnastics Federation confirmed.
Vivo, 34, who competed in the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games, began to feel ill after climbing the Collbaix peak with a friend and collapsed soon after beginning the descent.
When emergency management personnel arrived at the scene they were unable to revive him, according to the daily Regio 7.
The funeral for the Catalan gymnast will be held next Thursday, January 3, at 10:00 a.m. in his hometown of Manresa at the Church of Christ the King. 

 23-Dec-2012    Virginia Beach, USA
Artistic Gymnastics  
 Gabby Douglas: '2012 Female Athlete'

Gabby Douglas (USA)

The US-Gymnast Gabrielle Victoria "Gabby" DOUGLAS" - Olympic all-around winner London 2012 - has been named "The Associated Press 2012 Female athlete of the year".
She edged out swimmer Missy Franklin with 48 of 157 votes from a panel of AP sports editors and news directors.
Douglas is the fourth gymnast to win the award, and first since Mary Lou Retton in 198 -  the first African-American woman to win the coveted all-around Olympic gold medal.
Gabby Douglas, 16-years old, is a native of Virginia Beach, Va., but has been living in West Des Moines, Iowa while working with Chow Gymnastics, which has also produced another standout Olympian, Shawn Johnson.
  .. full story >>

 16-Dec-2012    Jesewitz / Leipzig, GERMANY
Artistic Gymnastics  
 Surprising death of Germany's oldest Olympic Champion Klaus Köste

* 26.02. 1943 - + 14.12.2012

With great dismay the German and international gymnastics family has heard from the death of the Olympic Champion from Munich 1972 (vault), the 2-times high bar European Champion and 34-times German national champion Klaus KÖSTE has died in his home town Jesewitz in the north of Leipzig.

It was a suprising death due to heart failure only two months before his 70th birthday.
After heart surgery two times in the past he nonetheless represented a person who was fighting and not giving up and he managed to get back into very god shape.

He himself and also his family were happy that he even could get back to compete in seniors' gymnastics events.

After the death of Walther Steffens (2006),  Klaus Köste has beeen Germany's oldest Olympic Champion.  .. full story >>

 13-Dec-2012    Tokyo, Japan
Artistic Gymnastics  
 Olympic champ Uchimura's wife expecting first child

Japanese gymnast and superstar Kohei Uchimura, who added an Olympic gold medal in the men's all-around competition to his trophy case this summer in London, announced on that he and his wife are expecting their first child.

Uchimura, who has won three consecutive World Championship all-around gold medals, issued the news through his corporate sponsor, Konami.

He was married in November 2012.
"I am able to inform you that we are expecting our first child next spring and that I will be spending quality time looking after my wife," the statement said to the Japanese media. 

 08-Dec-2012    Glasgow, Scotland
Artistic Gymnastics  
 Nguyen and Price: After Stuttgart also winners in Glasgow

After New York (American Cup) in March and last weekend in Stuttgart (DTB Cup) now followed on the second weekend in December, the third and last-around-the FIG World Cup with A-status, for which the best possible more fighters in the world are desired priority.
in the brand new Emirate Arena of Glasgow Germany's Marcel NGUYEN won his second A-world cup and scored 90,098 points, in front of Kazuhito TANAKA from Japan (89,998) followed by local hero Daniel PURVIS (89,864), who was leading yet before the last rotation on high bar!
On women's side Eliszbeth PRICE (USA) won after Stuttgart last weekend now her second world cup event (59,165) followed by the two German girls Elisabeth SEITZ (54,799) and Kim BUI (54,732).
Price and Nguyen are also the best athletes in the final ranking list of 2012 world cup winners.
  .. full story >>

 02-Dec-2012    Stuttgart, Germany
Artistic Gymnastics  
 Marcel NGUYEN won the All-around World Cup

Coverboy: Marcel NGUYEN (GER)
won at home!

After this years second all-around world cup (A) of women today the men's competition took place in the Porsche Arena of Stuttgart.

Seven athletes - Swiss Claudio Capelli injured at the warming up - fighted on a high level:

At the end the Olympic silver medallist from Germany, Marcel NGUYEN was the only one gymnasts scoring more than 90 points and won with 90,232 in front of the European bronze medallist Daniel PURVIS (89,397) and Russia's David BELYAVSKI (89,298).

Kazuhito TANAKA from Japan but also the Olympic Bronze medalist Danell LEYVA from USA made too much mistakes and so the ranked on fourth and fifth place only, followed by Fabiam Gonzales (ESP) and Kristian Thomas (GBR) ...
  .. full story >>

 02-Dec-2012    Stuttgart, Germany
Artistic Gymnastics  
DTB-Pokal 2012: Russian Women's Team won in Stuttgart

(c) Qingwei Chen


With a substantial increase on the final day of the 30th DTB Cup the Russian women's team won the final in the team competition in Stuttgart.

With 109.450 points, they referred the Japanese team, finished on second place(108.700).

Third were the first team German I (105.900), followed by the second team of host Germany( 98,600).

Despite an injury by Anna Radionva especially the Russian star Aliya Mustafina convinced the team of winners ...
  .. full story >>

 01-Dec-2012    Stuttgart, Germany
Artistic Gymnastics  
30th DTB Cup - US Victory at the All-Around World Cup in Germany

At the second and last 2012 F.I.G. ALL-AROUND WORLD CUP for women at the 30th DTB Cup in Stuttgart's Porsche Arena today the US-gymnast Elizabeth PRICE realized a start-to-finish victory.
The young gymnast and reserve athlete of the London U.S. Olympic team gets in their first elite year her first World Cup victory with a score of 58.098 points.

The best German gymnast Elisabeth SEITZ came on second rank (55.566).
Third was Giulia STEINGRUBER from Switzerland (55.565), the Swabian local hero Kim BUI could (55.165) refer to the fourth.

Ex-ALL-around champion Vanessa Ferrari (ITA) debuted at number 5, followed by Rebecca Tunney (GBR), the Russian Kristina Goryunova and the second Briton Niahm Rippin ...
  .. full story >>

 01-Dec-2012    Stuttgart, Germany
Artistic Gymnastics  
DTB-Pokal 2012: Japanes Quartet won in Stuttgart

On Friday afternoon,November 30, the quartet with JAPAN, BRAZIL, RUSSIA Uand GREAT BRITAIN was qualified for the team final of the 30th DTB Cup 2012, which took place today without it the fifth-placed German hosts.
Even then it was clear that the young Japanese quartet was unbeatable in today's finale:

With 181.629 points referred the Asians to their strongest man Yusuke Saito, who realized a full all-around program  (88.497), the team of Russia (176.295) with more than 5.3 points differenceon second place!
Behind it was the British team came on third with 175.930 points, followed by Brazil (174.428) in fourth place. The Olympic rings gold medalist Arthur Zanetti on his special apparatus (15,700) impress enormous, but the team did not improve results significantly.
The German team missed the final in the qualification on Friday:
  .. full story >>

 01-Dec-2012    Stuttgart, Cottbus
Artistic Gymnastics  
 Philipp BOY: Earlier withdrawal from Top Sport!

Philipp Boy (GER):
at the press conference in Stuttgart today

Ultimately, but not unexpectedly, the two-times all-around vice-world champion of  Rotterdam in 2010 and Tokyo 2011 and the 2011 European Champion,  the 25-year Cottbus Philipp BOY, declared his defenitly retirement now on the edge of the 30th DTB Cup 2012 in a press conference in Stuttgart, where his already pre-announced resignation.
With "valve in head" since its stretching fall at the same point last year here in Stuttgart, with many injury problems and lack of motivation on the way to London 2012, founded the protégé of coach Karsten Oelsch (SC Cottbus) justified his step.


The German Gymnastics Federation, specially national coach Andreas Hirsch regret his decision: "... it's unfortunate, but we have to respect his step."

Not only insiders were and are of the opinion that this exceptional athlete had not been long since the end of its possibilities.


 30-Nov-2012    Stuttgart, Germany
Artistic Gymnastics  
DTB-Pokal 2012: Teams Qualification Day

At the first of the three days of the 30th DTB Cup 2012 in the Porsche Arena of Swabian Metropele Stuttgart are the qualifying rounds of the Teams Competition in the framework program.
In the first section, the women's team competition sat surprisingly clear representation GERMANY I with 106,000 points at the top, followed by RUSSIA (105.750) and a young but strong JAPANESE TEAM (105.250). These three and the representation GERMANY II (102.900) are qualified for the team final of four on Sunday. Only just to - 0.25 points, Austrian quartet missed at the 5th Place the finals, the Swiss finished sixth, a mixed team came one on the seventh rank.

In the afternoon, then  the men's quartet JAPAN, BRAZIL, RUSSIA and the GREAT BRITAIN are qualified for the finale, which will thus take place without the fifth-placed German hosts on Saturday:
  .. full story >>

 30-Nov-2012    Stuttgart, Germany
Artistic Gymnastics  
  *GYMmedia-Eventservice - P R E V I E W:
30th DTB-Pokal 2012 (A World Cup): Qualifications on Friday

Coverboy: Marcel NGUYEN (GER)
on TOP of the Stuttgart roster!

... that's three decade WORLD CLASS!
Who does not remember the world stars of the international gymnastics eighties:
ZHU, Zhiaoqiang (CHN) , Koji Gushiken (JPN), Sylvio KROLL (GDR/GER), in that order-around winner of the first DTB Cup competitions 1983 - was '85, or similar for women Maxi GNAUCK, Dagmar KERSTEN (both GDR), Daniela SILIVASH (ROU) who earned herself as a record holder a total of 10 times in the list of winners ...
... and 30 years in constancy was able to always get the world-class unique to this tournament, earning him the honorable reputation of a "Wimbledon of gymnastics".
And 2012 at 30th anniversary  the Swabian organizers succeeded also a starting field of world-class again, which will excel in the Porsche Arena the upcoming weekend ...
... and the whole three decades of uninterrupted here: 
Gym equipment of brand "SPIETH Gymnastic", which provides for over a decade as a partner of GYMmedia for global information about this outstanding event ...
  .. full story >>

 27-Nov-2012    Esslingen, Germany
Artistic Gymnastics  
 SPIETH Gymnastic - the new exclusiv Partner of German Gymnastics League (DTL)

With the beginning of the year 2013, the international apparatus manufacturer SPIETH Gymnastic from Germany is the exclusive partner of the "German Gymnastics League" (Deutsche Turn-Liga / DTL)  till 2016.

"The „
2012 DTL Final", held last weekend in Berlin, has clearly shown, that the DTL is the strongest gymnastics league at least in Europe.

Following the interests of gymnasts, the DTL signed a contract with SPIETH Gymnastics, which is a brand well known around the world for its high-class apparatuses. With this partnership, the german gymnastics league follows its strategy to collaborate with market leaders and is looking forward to this new challenge!“
 the DTL chairman Ralf Neumann said ...
  .. full story >>

 23-Nov-2012    Las Palmas, Gran Canaria
Artistic Gymnastics  
 TeamGym-Tournament in Las Palmas: Brits and Sweden on Top!

On the first day of the 52. BLUME Gran Canaria Festival 2012 took place the  13th International TeamGym Tournament.
In the sportshall of the University of Las Palmas, the capitel of the Gran Canaria Island the senior team of the Swedish "SOL-Flickorna GF" won with a score of 44,25 points, in front of the second placed Crewe & Nantwich Gym Club from Great Britain, scoring 43,40 points.
In the junior category the British equipe was the best (46,70), beatimng the team from the sports gymnasium of Dornbirn (Austria; 39,95).

** ...   more about this event and the Blume Festival:

 17-Nov-2012    Barcelona, Spain
Artistic Gymnastics  
 36. BLUME-Memorial 2012: Chusovitina with an amazing fourth Place!

Anna Dementyeva (RUS)
All-around winner 2012

The invitation competition for the 36th BLUME Memorial 2012 inmemory of the 1959 fatalities 4-times Spanish European Gymnastics champions Joaquin Blume - after whom also the BLUME Gran Canaria-Fesival is named, which begins next week - won on Saturday the Ukrainian Oleg VERNIAEV with 90.000 points. Second was the ECh bronze medallist of Berlin (2011), Britain's Daniel PURVIS (85.299) before the current best Spaniard and Olympic Ninth, Fabian GONZALEZ (85.299).
<< The women's competition of  this big European tradition won the now 17-year-old Anna DEMENTYEVA from the Russian World Champions gold team of Rotterdam (2010) with 56.600 points, followed Giulia STEINGRUBER (SWITZERLAND; 54.650) and Spaniard Maria Paula VARGAS (53.700).

At one tenth point behind Germany's   exceptional athlete, the 37-year-old Oksana Chusovitina, missed the podium on fourth narrowly, but received 20 years after your first Olympic victory here in Barcelona a special honor ...  .. full story >>

 17-Nov-2012    Hamburg, Germany
Artistic Gymnastics  
 * GYMfamily Event
German Double Victory at 'Hamburg Gymnastics 2012'

TS Großburgwedel wins
Hamburg Trophy!

Full bleachers with more than 2,000 spectators at the IV. International HAMBURG GYMNASTICS 2012 ensured breathtaking atmosphere, transformed the Hamburger Sports Hall Wandsbek into a true turn-Arena at this weekend.
The gymnasts from 10 nations and altogether 19 teams played with jumps, flips and graceful movements on the four apparatus  floor, uneven bars, balance beam and vault all facets of the Olympic gymnastics categories.
The hotly contested "Hamburg Team Trophy" was able to secure in a furious competition with 103.5 points the German club "Turnerschaft Großburgwedel", the team of theGerman  Olympian Lisa-Katharina Hill, who was best of all-around.
 Also, the local hero inside of  "Turn-Team Hamburg" convinced and reached with 0.2 points ahead the Dutch "Turning Spirit Amsterdam" - 3rd place last year - now on second rank.
Behind the three leadership teams from Germany and the Netherlands the favorit from the "U.S.-All-Star team Region 7 II" occupied at the end on  fourth rank ...
  .. full story >>

 15-Nov-2012    Putian, China
Artistic Gymnastics  

The 5th Asian Championships in Artistic Gymnastics 2012 took place from Nov 7 to 15 at the sports center in Putian, a prefecture-level city in East China's Fujian province. The event, organized by Asian Gymnastics Union (AGU), the Gymnastics Management Center of China General Administration of Sport and the Putian government, was expected to attract about 140 athletes from 15 to 20 countries and regions across Asia. 

At the end Chinese gymnasts claimed ten Gold, six Silver and four Bronze medals and prevailed in both the Men’s and Women’s Team and All-around competitions and claimed three event titles for each gender, followed by the Peoples Republik of Korea (PRK) and Japan ...
  .. full story >>

 07-Nov-2012    Lausanne, Switzerland
Artistic Gymnastics  
 * Personalities
Hardy Fink receives Nik Stuart Foundation award

Hardy FINK (CAN)

* fig - news ---:  Hardy FINK from Canada, Director of FIG Education and Academy Programmes, was awarded the Nik Stuart Foundation International Diploma of Honour this year.
Absent from the annual dinner and presentation night in Meriden (GBR) this September due to family engagements, Fink received the award at the recent 79th FIG Congress in Cancun (MEX).
Prominent awardees of the NSF International Diploma of Honour include former FIG President Yuri Titov (RUS), incumbent FIG President Prof. Bruno Grandi (ITA), and George Guelzec (FRA), President of the European Gymnastics Union (UEG), diploma recipients in 2004, 2009 and 2011 respectively.  .. full story >>

 06-Nov-2012    Tokyo, Japan
Artistic Gymnastics  

Ryohei Kato (left) and
Kohei Uchimura (r.)

From November 3 to 5 the 66th AG All Japan Competition 2012 was held in Tokyo. The Gold medal for team competition were won by the Juntendo University. with a team score of 271,950. A member of this team was Ryohei Kato.
Team KONAMI got the silver medals, scoring 270,800 points. It was the team of the Olympic gold medallist and three-times world all-around champion, Kohei Uchimura.
Kohei Uchimura (KONAMI) said: "That was the first time I took part in this team event. It was terrible, it was not my day and I especially regret my mistake on the high bar!"
And Ryohei Kato (Juntendo University) said: "I'm sorry, actually Kohei is my strongest rival, more than any other gymnast. Of course, I am happy with the gold medal, but I'm also sorry for Kohei - today was just in a bad state... !"  .. full story >>

 04-Nov-2012    Zurich, Switzerland
Artistic Gymnastics  
 German victory at the Swiss Cup

Elisabeth Seitz, Fabian Hambuechen

In the 30th year of the Swiss Cup in Zurich the Swiss organisers presented like already during the last years a team even with a preliminary round, a semi-final and a final. In the end the victory went to the team Germany 1 with Elisabeth Seitz and Fabian Hambüchen.
For the title holders from 2011, the team of the hosts Switzerland 1, consisting of the two participants of the 2012 Olympic Games Giulia Steingruber and Claudio Capelli, it was the silver melal this year.
On the third rank behind them follows team Germany 2 with Kim Bui and Marcel Nguyen.. full story >>

 31-Oct-2012    Beijing, Sotchi
Artistic Gymnastics  
 OLYMPIC IDOL AWARD for Oksana Chusovitina ...
... and her sensational remarks ...!

Gymnastics miracle Chusovitina:
Olympic Idol 2012

Just landed - and already on the way again
The fact that the extraordinary gymnast Oksana CHUSOVITINA is a world-star can be seen even more in the rest of the World than in her new home country Germany.
After having won the Olympic silver medal in 2008 she thrilled more than 400 Million Chinese viewers in Beijing in a TV-show . It is not surprising that she now has received more honours at the same place: The German citizen who originally comes from Uzbekistan now has received the "OLYMPIC IDOL 2012 AWARD" in Beijing. This award was given to her in order to honour her lieftime achievement and her 6th Olympic participation this year in London.
Having just come back from China she now is on the road again in order to travel to Sochi to give a lecture on "sports and peace"...  .. full story >>

 31-Oct-2012    Chiasso, Switzerland
Artistic Gymnastics  
 Swiss victory at the 29th Gander Memorial 2012

Giulia Steingruber (SUI)
Igor Pachomenko (RUS)

Many cheers from the audience in Chiasso were heard at the 29th Artur Gander-Memorials 2012 in Chiasso for the victory of  Giulia STEINGRUBER in the women's final. In this event with a new mode this year - including a preliminary round and a final - the Swiss gymnast and Olympic participant won in front of Italy's Carlotta FERLITO and Lisa Katharina HILL from Germany.

In the men's field Russia's Igor PACHOMENKO was the winner. He took the lead in front of Andrei LICHOVITZKI (BLR) and Germany's Olympic silver medalist Marcel Nguyen.. full story >>

 26-Oct-2012    Cancun, Mexico
Artistic Gymnastics  
 79th F.I.G. Congress: Bruni Grandi re-elected


At the 79th Congress of the International Gymnastics Federation F.I.G. in Cancun (MEX) Prof. Bruno GRANDI was re-elected with the mayority of 68 votes in the first ballot and thus the 78 years old Italian enters his fifth term of office....
On second place came the Russian banker Vassily TITOV (24 votes) and on third the former Romanian President of men's technical committee, Adrian STOICA (14 votes).After the vote, Prof. Grandi did not hide his satisfaction and addressed his first comments to the two other candidates, inviting them to join their efforts and energies to carry all the reforms needed for FIG. "We must bring our efforts together in order that Gymnastics confirms its reputation and popularity within the public and within the Olympic movement and finds the resources to further develop the huge potential it holds through its disciplines! " also declared the elected President.  .. full story >>

 20-Oct-2012    Aarhus, Denmark
Artistic Gymnastics  
  9th EUROPEANS of 'TeamGym 2012 - FINAL DAY


After the opening on Wednesday,  October 17 and after the two qualifying days in the NCI Arena of the second largest city in Denmark, Aarhus, the final competitions of the 9th European Championships of  "TeamGym" 2012 take place.
As expected, sat down by the senior dominating Scandinavian nations:
Four of the six possible titles of these Europeans won hosts DENMARK.
Only in the female categories of seniors and the juniors are guaranteed the Icelanders the title.
Otherwise, the remaining medals went to Norway and Sweden, one bronze in Finland.
Again even in this continental championship dominated Scandinavia over the "rest" of the European continent, from which it only managed paltry four nations, namely to reach a final, but was one of medals still far away ...

  .. full story >>

 19-Oct-2012    Aarhus, Denmark
Artistic Gymnastics  
 9th EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIPS TeamGym 2012 - Qualifications

* SAMSTAG, 20. 10.:

For the 9th time already the European Championships of a very complex and trendy gymnastics team discipline, the "TeamGYM", takes place...:
* TeamGym competition is one of the latest new events within the European Gymnastics Union (UEG). The first official competition was held in Finland in 1996 and it takes place every even-numbered year.
* TeamGym is a team competition for clubs/nations and consist of three sections: women, men and mixed teams.
Now the 9th Europeans 2012 already take place in the NRGi Park of Aarhus, Denmark, from Oktober 17 - 20.
* In cooperation with the co. Airtrack-Europe the European Gymnastics Service "GYMmedia INTERNATIONAL" will publish daily summaries from Aarhus ...:  .. full story >>

 19-Oct-2012    Lausanne, Switzerland
Artistic Gymnastics  

HONG, Su Jong (PRK)
Vice world champion 2007 (vault), will celebrate her real 24th birthday in 2013, March...

Sanctioned for document falsification 
The Gymnastics Federation of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (PRK) and its gymnast, Ms Hong Su Jong, were reinstated by the International Gymnastics Federation (FIG) on October 5, 2012 at midnight after having served a two-year sanction. (* look at > GYMmedia News 2010, Oct 07 )
The FIG Disciplinary Commission had pronounced a suspension based on disciplinary proceedings lodged for violation of the age limit and false information provided on competition registration forms.
Whilst this suspension of two years which included the qualifications for and the London 2012 Olympic Games seems to be hard, it should not be forgotten, that this was already the second time that PRK violated the age rules.
  .. full story >>

 27-Sep-2012    Moscow, Russia
Artistic Gymnastics  
 Russian women’s team coach Alexander Alexandrov dismissed ...

Alexander Alexandrov (RUS)

Russia’s senior coach of the women’s artistic gymnastics squad Alexander Alexandrov dismissed from his post after the coaching council of the national gymnastics federation. Official reason for this decision is that the prominent Soviet Russian specialist who brought up the world all-around champions Svetlana Boguinskayaand Dmitri Bilozertchev in the 1980s held two full-time jobs at the same time.
Alexandrov was accused of neglecting his duties as the senior coach and concentrating only on the preparation of his protégé Mustafina. That’s why she appeared the strongest lady from the Russian squad who grabbed 4 Olympic awards in London.
Valeriy Grebenkin, former team’s bars coach, was appointed women’s team helmsmen this week, so the Russian media reported...
  .. full story >>

 23-Sep-2012    Cottbus, Germany
Artistic Gymnastics  
27th International eG Wohnen-JUNIORSTROPHY 2012

Winning Juniors Trio:
Serhani Tara (SUI; middle), Reny Clerc (FRA; left) and Sascha Coradi (SUI)

Slightly smaller than in previous years, but the quality of the tournament roster was high again!
So the 27th Edition of the "International eG Wohnen Junior Trophy 2012", the former "International GWG-Cup" was a highlight for the most of the European young talents of male artistic gymnastics, but also for strog delegations from Japan and from Canada.
 The junior category (age group 16/17) was won by Taha SERHANI from Switzerland (Schaffhausen), with the proud 81.250 points in front of Reny CLERC (79.700) from France and beforethe Swiss compatriot Sascha CORADI (77.150) . Previously, the French celebrated namely already in the youth category (15/16 age group) a triple triumph: Bryan TARRADE (77.500), followed by Kilian MERMET (77.250) and Zachary HRIMECHE (77.100). Jonas Munsch, also a Swiss, came fourth in the platform very close.

  * ... read more on the > German GYMmedia platform 

 12-Sep-2012    London, Great Britain
Artistic Gymnastics  
 Johanna QUAAS:
as oldest Gymnast of the World in the GUINNES WORLD RECORDS BOOK

Johanna and Gerhard Quaas
in front the Towerbridge in London

On Wednesday, 12 September in London, the 11-time German Senior Champion of artistic gymnastics, almost 87 years, Johanna QUAAS from Halle an der Saale, was added to the "GUINNESS  WORLD RECORDS 2013 BOOK", the current world output will appear Thursday, Sep 13.
In the TOWER Hotel of the Olympic city of London led the agile German senior citizen prior to built specially for her competition equipment and the enthusiasm of the audience and the press some of her gymnastics exercise, which she again three weeks ago, was the winner of the "Freyburger Gymnastics Festival", and with whom she has March of this year more than 7 million views on Youtube and therefore the unanimous admiration of many people of all ages around the world,. The former German field handball champion (1954), later gymnastics coach and high school teacher was only 56-years later started his own active sport (1981), was in the eighties, multiple winner of the GDR's Senior Championships and - since it's available for seniors German Championships - since 2000 11 consecutive national champion.  .. full story >>

 12-Aug-2012    Istanbul, Turkey
Artistic Gymnastics  
 German gymnastics Olympic Champion celebrated at the V. GYM Festival in Istanbul

Klaus Köste in Istanbul:
Turkish-German Frienship

Still under the final pressure of the Turkish Olympic medals (1,500 m) the Turkish Gymnastics Federation celebrated its 50th Year of existence, almost euphoric be V. International GYM FESTIVAL 2012 in Istanbul, the most populous city of Turkey. The guest of honor of the German ambassador of gymnastics and Leipzig's Gymnastics Olympic champion Klaus Köste on a wave of enthusiasm was born.

The gold medalist at the 1972 Olympic Games (vault) impressed in his 70th Age primarily for his fitness, because of the three days he was of course active themselves at the apparatus!
With him more than 170 participants from 8 countries were involved, representing all aspects of gymnastics, dance, aerobics ...  .. full story >>

 08-Sep-2012    Leverkusen, Germany
Artistic Gymnastics  
 England' Women Selection won Leverkusen-Cup to the first time

For the 37th times invited the German "Turn-Club 72 Leverkusen" to the "International Leverkusen Cup 2012" in the Smidt ARENA.

Despite the short-term cancellation of some countries five teams from four nations offered the approximately 1,000 spectators an exciting gymnastics competition!
At the Olympic disciplines "vaulting table, uneven bars, beam and floor" this year launched an international field with two selections from Germany, from England, the Netherlands and from South Africa in the Smidt ARENA.
At the end the national team of England took the lead. For half an eternity  the British women take part already at this Leverkusen's top event and secured at last, and for the first time, the long-awaited trophy with 101.55 points.

Germany II
(selection team 2) occupied the silver medal (96.20 points), just ahead of Germany I (selection team 1) (95.80 points) in third place.  .. full story >>

 01-Sep-2012    Leverkusen, Germany
Artistic Gymnastics  
 * GYMmedia-Eventservice
* PREVIEW: 37th International Leverkusen-Cup 2012

37th Anniversary of
the oldest European Gymnastics Tournament
The German "Turn-Club 72" in  Leverkusen invites for now 37th edition of the International Leverkusen Cup 2012 in female artistic gymnastics on Saturday, September 8 (6.00 pm), in the Smidt ARENA.
In the Olympic disciplines of vault, uneven bars, balance beam and floor exercises in this year a number of international participants with their teams from England, Holland, Russia and South Africa expected the hosts from Germany. Last year more than 1,600 visitors ensured a breathtaking atmosphere in the Leverkusen Smidt Arena, top class exercises of the gymnasts ...  .. full story >>

 28-Aug-2012    Bozhou/ Prov. Anhui (China)
Artistic Gymnastics  
 Chinese recreation center named 'DENG LINLIN'

Deng Linlin (CHN)

The Lixin County government of Bozhou has awarded the Chinese  Olympic champion on balance beam, Deng Linlin, a brand new apartment and ¥100,000 RMB (approx. $16,000 USD) for her achievements.  In addition, they are building a new city recreation center that will be named after her. 
The Anhui provincial government awards about ¥500,000 RMB (approx. $80,000 USD) for a gold medal (If Deng were to come from bigger provinces like Shandong, that figure shoots up to ¥1,000,000 RMB). Plus the cash prizes from the national government that is also estimated around ¥500,000 RMB per gold medal.
Not to mention all the corporations and nonprofit foundation award prizes, advertisement income, media appearances, exhibition tours, and business sponsorships that comes with the gold medal.  .. full story >>

 23-Aug-2012    Bucharest, Romania
Artistic Gymnastics  
 Maria Simionescu passed away ...!

* 29-Sep-1927 - + 21-Aug-2012

Romanian Maria Simionescu passed away on August 21, 2012 at the age of 85, following a long and difficult illness. She was one of the key figures in women’s artistic gymnastics, as an educator, national coach and latterly, from 1972 to 1996, as a senior FIG official. At national level, Maria Simionescu devoted her entire career to the development of Romanian gymnastics.
Born on September 29, 1927 in Bucharest, she graduated from the National Sports Institute in 1953, staying on as a lecturer until 1956, when she was appointed as head coach the Romanian gymnastics team. She quickly achieved international success, leading the Romanian national team to three editions of the Olympic Games (Melbourne 1956, Rome 1960 and Tokyo 1964). Her record in charge of the national team was extremely impressive: 52 Olympic medals - 18 of them gold - and 85 World Championship medals, including 32 golds.  .. full story >>

 20-Aug-2012    Freyburg / City of Jahn (GER)
Artistic Gymnastics  
 90th Jahn-Memorial - a big show of Johanna Quaas

Last weekend took place the 90th anniversary of the "Jahn Memorial", a big outdoor festival of artistic gymnastics in memoriam of the German founder of gymnastics, Friedrich Ludwig Jahn.

Among of more than 1,100 guests and participants of age groups between14 to 90 years were also a lot of former German international top-stars, like Erika Zuchold world champion on beam 1970 and Klaus Koeste Olympic champion (Munich, 1972, vault), and the "hero of Mexico-City" (1968), Willi Jaschek.
But the star again was the oldest active gymnast of the world, the 86 years old competitor Johanna Quaas, who celebrated there her most important competion of the year in an amazing qualty.

* Please look at our > German report 

 12-Aug-2012    Olympic City LONDON
Artistic Gymnastics  
 GYMmedia Coverages from London:
*Rhythmic Gymnastics Groups Final

Since the beginning of the new millennium, reports the European online Service "GYMmedia INTERNATIONAL"  now for the fourth time directly from the Olympic Summer Games. After Sydney 2000,  after 2004 Athens and  2008 BEIJING, we will summarize from the first day of gymnastcs competitions on along the three gymnastics disciplines Artistic, Rhythmic and Trampoline gymnastics. For over a decade, provides a pool of competent business partner for reliable, up-to-date, international coverages of gymnastics, gymnastics, trampolining and more from ...
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* Sunday: > Rhythmic Gymnastics, Groups Final

 30-Jul-2012    Hong Kong, China
Artistic Gymnastics  
 German Olympic Champion Klaus KÖSTE sends greetings from Hongkong

While the current stars of the international gymnastics scene are in the Olympic City of London,  a Chinese advertising agency organizes for a client in the mega city of Hong Kong a "public promotional event" on "capability of the body in advanced age" .
At first the "oldest active competitive gymnast in the world" Johanna Quaas, from Halle / Sa, was invited, but she couldn't be there because of a shoulder injury. Then the currently oldest German Gymnastics Olympic Champion (Munich 1972; vault) Klaus Köste (69 ; photo, left) took over the invitation.
After two life-threatening heart surgeries a half-decade ago, some months before his 70th birthday the agile German senior went back to the gym, and he is now presented as an ambassador of the German gymnastics team in the Asian megacity. This weekend he demonstrated impressively why...  .. full story >>

 10-Jul-2012    Penza, Russia
Artistic Gymnastics  
 Russia Finalizes Olympic Artistic Gymnastics Teams

KhoroKhordin, Afanasyeva
with Olympic experiences

Meeting on Saturday after the conclusion of a control workout in Penza, has finalized the composition of the Russian national Olympic teams in artistic gymnastics, head coach of the combined men's and women's teams, Andrey Rodionenko told the Russian Press.
The men's team includes: Emin Garibov, David Belyavskiy, Denis Ablyazin, Aleksandr Balandin and Igor Pakhomenko. Sergey Khorokhordin and Nikita Ignatyev were named the alternates.
The women's team includes Viktoriya Komova, Kseniya Afanasyeva, Aliya Mustafina, Anastsiya Grishina and Maria Paseka.. full story >>

 07-Jul-2012    London, Great Britain
Artistic Gymnastics  
 Strong British Olympic Gymnastics Squad

Smith, Tweddle (GBR)

Louis Smith and Beth Tweddle will lead the men's and women's artistic gymnastics teams at London 2012, but Daniel Keatings misses out.
Smith, who won bronze on the pommel horse at the Beijing Games four years ago, and three-time world champion Tweddle each head up a five-strong team for the Games, the British Olympic Association (BOA) announced this week.
  .. full story >>

 19-Jun-2012    Lausanne, Switzerland
Artistic Gymnastics  
 * FIG: New Tie breaking Rules in effect at Olympic Games 2012

FIG: New Tie breaking Rules

The International Gymnastics Federation (FIG) published the updated tie breaking rules for the Olympic Games today as part of its Technical Regulations 2012.
The document was approved by the FIG Council at its latest meeting in St Petersburg (RUS) on May 18 - 19, 2012, and will be implemented at the London 2012 Olympic Games.  .. full story >>

 27-May-2012    Montpellier, France
Artistic Gymnastics  
 *IWA Gymnastics presents
34th Europeans of Men's Artistic Gymnastics

To the 34th time since 1955, there are men's European artistic gymnastic championships.
After the 2011 World Championships of Rhythmic Gymnastics the Southern French city of Montpellier after eight months witnessed a further Gymnastics Highlight:
Since 1957 (Paris) and 29 years after Grenoble (1973), the French Gymnastics Federationorganized for the third time now the 34th Men's European Championships. Great Britain's Men won the very first Team Gold medal und their juniors 5 golden too!
* TODAY: App. Finals Juniors & Elite
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 20-May-2012    Bergisch Gladbach, Germany
Artistic Gymnastics  
 5th Pre Olympic Youth Cup 2012 - an international Top Event for young Talents



The 5th anniversary of the PRE OLYMPIC YOUTH CUP 2012 for femal top-talents of artistic gymnastics is a long-established fact already in the world calendar of top-events!

The highlight of the two day competition was the very strong international field of the 14- / 14 years old girls. Their performances were already very close to the border of international elite class!

Best of the medal triain the city Bergisch Gladbach, near Cologne (Rhineland)  was the young Russian Daria SPORIDONOVA, who scored 52,050 points, followed by the strong Natalia CALCAGNO from Argentina (50,450) and Evgenia Zhukova, also from Russia...

  .. full story >>

 15-May-2012    Lausanne, Berlin
Artistic Gymnastics  
Lisa WORTHMANN supports F.I.G. headquarters


As of May 2nd 2012 the former Vice President of the Berlin Gymnastics Federation, Lisa WORTMANN, has started working in the F.I.G headquarters.

Since the middle of the 90ies she was involved on a voluntary basis in different positions in the federation and in the organisation of competitions, including larger international events.
During the last years she followed Siegfried Wüstemann on the position of Tournament Director of the International Junior-Team-Cups. She also was the head of the Organising Committee of the renowned Grand Prix tournament of rhythmic gymnastics "Berlin Masters".
  .. full story >>

 13-May-2012    Brussels, Belgium
Artistic Gymnastics  
 Janssen-Fritsen presents::
33rd Women's Artistic Gymnastics European Championships

** TODAY: Elite's Team Final

>> ECh Website, Brussels

To total of 33 time since 1957 (Bucharest) will gather Europe's best female gymnasts in their continental championships, which take place after 1989 for the second time in Belgium's capital Brussels.
Since 1992 - the first time in front of Olympics in Barcelona - now they have since the 6th direct pre-Olympic times as continental significance tests in each Olympic year. Team competition and apparatus finals (no official all-around) are the focus of attention, as the age group of the juniors. Russia won the eightth junior team title in front of Italy and Romania. Best of all-around qualification was Maria Kharenkova (RUS), but Junior's all-around Gold went to Italy's Enus MARIANI !
Best of elite nations was Romania in frot of Russia and Italy
Apparatus finals, juniors & elite
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 11-May-2012    Lausanne, Switzerland
Artistic Gymnastics  
 * F.I.G. Digital Digest: Last GYM News - worldwide ...!

(1) MAY

GYM News, worldwide

From the last week of 2012 March on the Press office of the "Federation International de Gymnastique" (FIG) publishes

(1) 2012, May 05  -  11
(1) 2012, APRIL 28 - MAY 04
  .. full story >>

 28-Apr-2012    Osijek, Croatia
Artistic Gymnastics  
 Challenge Cup Osijek

Challenge Cup Circuit 2012
Cottbus, Doha, Maribor - that were the first three stations of the Challenge Cup circuit in this spring.

Now, at the last weekend of April, 38 countries announced their arrival to the 4th edition of the FIG Challenge Cup which will be held once again in Osijek this year. Sports Hall Gradski Vrt, hosts again from 27th to 29th of April some of the world's best gymnasts...
  .. full story >>

 27-Apr-2012    Lausanne, Switzerland
Artistic Gymnastics  
 * F.I.G. Digital Digest: Last GYM News - worldwide ...!

(1) (2) (3) (4)

GYM News, worldwide

From the last week of 2012 March on the Press office of the "Federation International de Gymnastique" (FIG) publishes

(4) 2012, April 14 - 27
(3) 2012, April 06 - 13
(2) 2012, March 31 - April 05
(1) 2012, March 24 - 30

  .. full story >>

 26-Apr-2012    Doha, Qatar
Artistic Gymnastics  
 Qatar hosts the fifth FIG Age Group Programme Development Camp

The last of the four planned events to introduce the FIG Age Group Project to developing gymnastics countries was hosted on April 17-19, 2012, at the magnificent facilities of the Academy for Sports Excellence (ASPIRE) in Doha, Qatar.
These four were held with the funding support of the IOC so that each invited federation could send one Men's and one women's artistic gymnastics coach.
An additional such camp was held in January in South Africa and was funded by the FIG with its Development Fund for Continental Unions.
This time, in Qatar, a total of 21 coaches from 10 FIG member federations attended. The participating countries were Bangladesh, Iraq, Jordan, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Nepal, Pakistan, Palestine, Qatar and Yemen.
  .. full story >>

 24-Apr-2012    Ulm, Germany
Artistic Gymnastics  
 GYMfamily Event:
*PREVIEW: Attractive Triple Meet in Ulm

ECh-test of the exciting spevial class!
On the last weekend in April - just a week before the upcoming European Championships in Brussels (Belgium) - there will be a high-profile and interesting triple meet of women's artistic gymnastics:
Hosts Germany to receive the last World Cup surprise medaillenlos remained Romanians and the ambitious Olympic host team from the United Kingdom, which ranked fifth at the last Worlds in Tokyo in front of the national team of Germany!  .. full story >>

 19-Apr-2011    Oslo, Norway
Artistic Gymnastics  
 Norway's gymnastics legend Age Storhaug died!

* 5.4. 1938 - + 18.4.2012

Note with great sadness, the international gymnastic family  farewell to Norway's gymnastics legend Age STORHAUG.
Shortly after his 74th birthday on 5 April he died yesterday, the Vice-European Champion on vault horse in 1957 (Antwerp), two-time Olympian (1960 / '64) and the 14-times Norwegian champion leaves a large, painful void.

"Storhaug embodies the gymnastics sports in Norway like no other" was the verdict, once the Oslo sports-journalist Rolf-Arne Odiin.
In a country where even the former King Olav V. was a skiing sportsman himself, it was not easy to get special attention as a gymnast.  .. full story >>

 15-Apr-2012    Berlin, Germany
Artistic Gymnastics  
 Winning start for Swiss team at the 17th International Junior-Team-Cup 2012

The Swiss winners!

Like already in the last year the Swiss team was one of the favourites for a medal at the 17th International Junior-Team-Cup 2012 in Berlin. However, different from 2011 the boys from Switzerland were not overtaken by Great Britain in the last rotation this time. They won the team ranking with 248.95 points in front of Great Britain (247.200).

The bronze medal position was reached by Team France I and only narrowly behind them could be found the second French team.

Brazil and Spain as well as Germany were left behind them on the places 5 - 7. For the European teams out of the 27 participation ones, this competition was a good test for the upcoming Junior European Championships....
  .. full story >>

 14-Apr-2012    Sangalhos, Portugal
Artistic Gymnastics  
 3rd Intern. Tournament 'GYMSPORT' in Portugal

Girls teams: Double winner from Germany

On the 14th of April 2012, Sport Club do Porto organized its 3rd International Tournament “Gymsport” for female and male juniors ,which took place at the Gymnastics High Performance Centre, in the city of Sangalhos, Portugal. 

On female side the Belgium Beullens Jelle won the junior competition with 49,750 points, followed by the German Finja Safken from Grossburgwedel  on second place (48,300) and  Virgine Ten Voorde (GER; MTV Borstel-Sangenstedt) came on third (48,150).
In the female youth category, Germany's  Evelin Klode (MTVB) tied in the first place with Czech Veronika Cenková from TJSO (47,650) and Spanish Mireia Brugues from Salt Gymnastic Club was third (46,800).
<< So in girl's team competition, ...
  .. full story >>

 14-Apr-2012    Berlin, Germany
Artistic Gymnastics  
 GYMfamily Event:
* PREVIEW: 17th International Junior-Team-Cup 2012

Also the 17th edition of the world-wide known "INTERNATIONAL JUNIOR-TEAM-CUP 012", which takes place on April 14th in Berlin will be a high-class event for juniors in men's artistic gymnastics:

Whoever wants to be successful in future, needs to start in Berlin: For more than a decade many junior national teams come to Berlin to prepare for future major international events.

This year for many national federations the competition in Berlin belongs to the selection process for their teams for the upcoming Junior European Championships in Montpellier in 6 weeks ...
  .. full story >>

 13-Apr-2012    Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Artistic Gymnastics  
 SPIETH Gymnastic equips Brazilian Gymnastics Center

Carlos Arthur Nuzman (COB)

The renowned German Co. "SPIETH Gymnastic" from Esslingen, near Stuttgart  realizes successfully the new national Brazilian training center of artistic gymnastics in Rio de Janeiro.

Due to its high level of professional competence, SPIETH Gymnastic from Germany was chosen by the "National Olympic Committee of Brazil" (COB) to realize the new national training center in Rio de Janeiro.

In March 2012 the new training center in the former velodrome was completed successfully and opened officially in April during a major press conference with more than ten television stations and numerous press-representatives.
The opening speeches were held by the President of the Olympic Committee, Carlos Arthur Nuzman...
  .. full story >>

 09-Apr-2012    Tokyo, Japan
Artistic Gymnastics  
 Kohei Uchimura won fifth national Titel, Tanaka her first


Reigning World all-around champion Kohei Uchimura and Rie Tanaka won the Japanese Championships, held over Easter weekend in the Yoyogi National Gymnasium, which served as the training gym for the 2011 World Championships.
It was the fifth national title for Uchimura but the first for Tanaka, who has nonetheless become well known in Japan after winning the Longines Prize for Elegance at the 2010 Worlds in Rotterdam.
Although the competition included two full days of competition, results were based solely on the second day, where Tanaka bested Natsumi Sasada and Yumi Iizuka.. full story >>

 08-Apr-2012    Zibo, China
Artistic Gymnastics  
 A-World Cup in Zibo: Six Golds for the Chinese Hosts!

Zhang Chenlong
won one of the sic Chinese titles

In Chinese city Zibo (4.5 million inhabitants) - located between Beijing and Shanghai - was held on Easter weekend this year's only one a FIG A-Cup 2012 of artistic gymnastics
Twelve athletes per apparatus have been charged  (top 8 of the last Worlds, more in accordance with last year's rankings).
After failure of the Paris competition in March, it is the only one of its kind in the course of the year, which will be played without all-around. Performed other individual competitions the FIG after the Challenge Cup system. here in Zibo the final disputed then each of the top four in qualifying.
Surprisingly retained in qualifying four times the Europeans the upper hand. China triumphed initially at the bars, Danell Leyva (USA) on the horizontal bar. However, at the finals the hosts won each 3x, among women and men ...  .. full story >>

 01-Apr-2012    Halle/Freyburg/Cottbus (GER)
Artistic Gymnastics  
 Johanna Quaas: With 86 years an absolutely Youtube Star ...!

Johanna Quaas (GER)
86 years old artistic gymnast!

After publishing her exercise from the Jahnturnfest 2011 in Freyburg (Germany) and her interview there about her philosophy and her active live more than hundredthousand viewers on were thrilled about the fitness of the 86 years old Lady Johanna Quaas from Halle (GER).
Some weeks ago she had a media skill at a German Television Medical program "Hauptsache gesund" and thousends of viewers were responsive to her bars routine ...!!

But at the Challenge Cup in Cottbus last weekend her floor exercise and the parallel bars routine of Johanna Quaas were one of the absolutely highlight in the show program of this FIG competition ....
  .. full story >>

 30-Mar-2012    Doha, Qatar
Artistic Gymnastics  
 2. FIG CHALLENGE CUP 2012 in Doha

Finals All

Just three days after the end of the first Challenge Cup in Cottbus the "gym-circus" already moved on, and the second CHALLENGE CUP 2012 takes place from 28 - 30 March at the Aspire Dome in Doha (Qatar). The organizing national gymnastics federation of Qatar received a total of 117 active participants from 31 nations (76 men / 41 women). In the women taking the world stars including Elizabeth Tweddle (GBR; 1st on uneven bars) and Cataline Ponor (ROU).
Germany is representing by Lisa-Katherina HILL ​​(Chemnitz) - third on uneven bars - and Nadine Jarosch, who won silver at the first final (vault) behind the Swiss winner Giulia Steingruber.
China's Olympic champion ZOU Kai was the first day on the floor is already victorious and once again promising to peak in the final on high bar on Friday ...  .. full story >>

 25-Mar-2012    Cottbus, Germany
Artistic Gymnastics  
 Cottbus' Challenge Cup: 2nd Final Day

Philipp Boy (GER)
, started at floor only and - won!

TODAY:  Apparatus Finals - Part II
There are world and continental champions, national champions and certainly next Olympic champion at this year's 2012 FIG Challenge Cup, wich will held from 22 to 25 March in the Lausitz-Arena of Cottbus, Germany.
For men, several duels will be the focus of interest. However, omitting local hero Philipp Boy still existing shoulder problems (clavicle) due to the high bar, and will present themselves well in the Lausitz-Arena at the weekend only at the floor of his audience and not just because the competition is at its best.
This requires the participant of this tournament record, the Olympic silver medalist Oksana Chusovitina from Cologne (GER), otherwise their 15th Cottbus start (since 1990!) unfortunately canceled and Elisabeth Seitz started at uneven bars only (slight foot injury) but won this apparate because the Chinese favourite HE Kexin failed  ...
** TODAY: Final Day II
*... more on >> Challenge Cup Cottbus 2012 

 09-Mar-2012    Everett, Wash./USA
Artistic Gymnastics  
 PREVIEW: 2012 Kellogg’s Pacific Rim Championships

International gymnastics field brings talent to Everett
*us-gymnastics --:  From World champions and multiple medal winners to the new up-and-comers, U.S. athletes will be alongside talent from 16 other countries next week in Everett, Wash.
The 2012 Kellogg’s Pacific Rim Championships will feature more than 200 athletes in artistic gymnastics, rhythmic gymnastics, and trampoline, March 16-18, at the Comcast Arena and Comcast Community Ice Rink in Everett, Wash.  .. full story >>

 03-Mar-2012    New York, USA
Artistic Gymnastics  
 Jordyn Wieber and Danell Leyva win American Cup:

Danell LEYVA, Jordyn WIEBER
American Cup Winners 2012

Jordyn WIEBER kicked off her Olympic year with a victory and may have found a new threat to her gold medal hopes. Wieber, the reigning world champion, captured her third American Cup at New York's Madison Square Garden, finishing with a score of 61.032 to beat teammate Alexandra Raisman by two-tenths of a point in the first major prep for the London Games.
In the men's event, American Danell LYVA roared back from a slow start to win, surging from fourth to first in the final rotation with a thrilling high bar performance.
  .. full story >>

 29-Feb-2012    New York, USA
Artistic Gymnastics  
 March 03: A-World Cup in the Madison Square Garden

Jordyn Wieber (SA), favourite

The 2012 "AT&T American Cup", part of the International Gymnastics Federation World Cup series, marks the start of the road to London for many of the world’s top gymnasts seeking to make history this summer.
2011 World all-around champion Jordyn Wieber of DeWitt, Mich./Gedderts' Twistars USA; 2011 World parallel bars champion Danell Leyva o(Miami/Team Hilton HHonors; Universal Gymnastics); 2011 World team champion Alexandra Raisman of Needham, Mass./Brestyan's American Gymnastics;
and 2011 World team bronze-medalist John Orozco of the Bronx, N.Y./Team Hilton HHonors (U.S. Olympic Training Center), who finished fifth in the all-around at the 2011 World Championships, will represent the USA at this prestigious event.  .. full story >>

 25-Feb-2012    Lausanne, London
Artistic Gymnastics  
 FIG Executive Committee approves list of Olympic qualifiers

Games of the XXX Olympiad
London (GBR),
July 27 – August 12, 2012

** f i g --:  The FIG Executive Committee has approved the list of the gymnasts who have fulfilled the conditions enabling them to participate in the Games of the XXXth Olympiad in London (GBR) next July.
This list will be submitted to the respective National Olympic Committees so that they confirm their nationals, no later than March 07, 2012.

The FIG has a total quota of 324 athletes allocated by the IOC, 2x98 of them for Men's and Women's Artistic Gymnastics, 96 for Rhythmic Gymnastics and 32 for Trampoline Gymnastics.
  .. full story >>

 20-Feb-2012    Frankfurt/M. / Detmold, Germany
Artistic Gymnastics  
 Other German refusal more for 2012 World Cup Opener

Nadine Jarosch injured ...!

After Philipp BOY now the second German athlete, the 2011 Worlds debutante and all-around tenth in Tokyo, Nadine JAROSCH, refused the invitation to the "2012 American Cup" at the first March weekend in New York.
Because an impression in her right foot the 17-years old gymnast from the TV Detmold have to take a break of her physical strain in the coming two weeks

So the German Gymnastics Federation DTB will start with two athletes only at the 2012 American Cup, with Marcel Nguyen (TSV Unterhaching) and Lisa-Katherina Hill (TuS Chemnitz-Altendorf) - and the new A-World Cup modus of FIG becomes an awkward phase more and more in its second season...!  

 19-Feb-2012    Mississauga, Ont. / CANADA
Artistic Gymnastics  
 2012 Canadian National Championships

Kristina Vaculik (CAN)
New all-around champion

<< Kristina VACULIK of Whitby, Ont., won the women’s all around title on the first day of competition Friday at the Elite Canada artistic gymnastics meet.
Vaculik, competing for the first time since helping Canada qualify a full women’s team for the 2012 Olympics in January  in London (GBR), topped the field on beam, placed second on floor and uneven bars and was sixth on vault for a total score of 56.350 points.
On men's side after the first day's all-around competition the former junior Robert WATSON (Richmond Gymnastics) won with a score of 84,100, but at the final day Anderson LORAN got two golds at the apparatus ...  .. full story >>

 17-Feb-2012    Frisco, Texas / USA
Artistic Gymnastics  
 2012 'WOGA CLASSIC': Rebecca Bross will return to competition ...

The 2012 International Elite competition WOGA CLASSIC will take place Saturday, 18 February, in the Dr Pepper Arena and Frisco Conference Center, with a smaller than most prior editions and only Ukrainians Krystyna Sankova and Olena Vasylieva making it international.
<< The big news of the competition is Rebecca Bross’ (USA) return to competition! Bross saw her 2011 season cut short when she dislocated her knee in August at the United States Visa National Championships. Others expected to compete include junior standout Katelyn Ohashi and Polina Shennikova.
... more later. 

 13-Feb-2012    Cottbus, Germany
Artistic Gymnastics  
 German Vice-World Champion Philipp Boy withdraws from American Cup

Philipp Boy (GER),
Pain in the wrist

Because of an inflammation in his wrist, the two-time German world all-around silver medalist Philipp BOY (SC Cottbus) withdraws from the "American Cup" in the Madison Sqare Garden of New York, which will held at March 03.
"I'm very disappointed because I would like to start, but that is no one helped. I have to see to recover this violation and then wants me to concentrate on preparing for the Olympics, " so the 24-year-old gymnast from the German Master Club SC Cottbus said.
According to a report of the German Gymnastics Federation the DTB will start at the all-around competition (A- World Cup) on 3 March in the U.S. city with Marcel Nguyen (TSV Unterhaching), Nadine Jarosch (TV Detmold) and Lisa Katharina Hill (TuS Chemnitz-Altendorf), with only three German athletes against the international concurrence. 

 05-Feb-2012    Las Vegas / USA
Artistic Gymnastics  
 National US-prelude of men's artistic gymnastics: Orozco wins 'Winter Cup'

John Orozco, the gymnast from the Bronx

<<  John OROZCO (USA, New York) hit the jackpot inside the Las Vegas Sports Center, performing cleanly on all six events to win the 2012 Winter Cup Challenge all-around, parallel bars and horizontal bar titles.
Orozco topped the all-around standings with a two-day total of 180.700, followed by Steven Legendre (USA; University of Oklahoma), 175.200, and Brandon Wynn (USA; Ohio State University), 175.000.

Last year John Orozco finished third at the 2011 US Nationals behind Danell Leyva and John Horton and than he was a member of US World's team in Tokyo, ranked on fifth place all-around and won the team bronze medal.
Next Orozco woill start at the American Cup in New York ...
  .. full story >>

 02-Feb-2012    Tokyo / Lausanne
Artistic Gymnastics  
 Tokyo World Cup cancelled

*fig-news--: Due to a conflict in scheduling, Japanese organisers for the F.I.G. World Cup stage in Artistic Gymnastics, slated for April 14 - 15, 2012 in Tokyo, were forced to cancel the event.
  .. full story >>

 01-Feb-2012    Indianapolis, USA
Artistic Gymnastics  
 Daniel Purvis starts at the American Cup 2012

Daniel Purvis (GBR),
best of Europe in New York

2011 World parallel bars gold-medalist Danell LEYVA of Homestead, Fla./Team Hilton Honors (Universal Gymnastics), has accepted an invitation to compete in the 2012 AT&T American Cup, an International Gymnastics Federation (FIG) World Cup event, March 3 at New York City’s legendary Madison Square Garden, along with 2011 European all-around bronze-medalist Daniel PURVIS of Great Britain (< photo, left), Cyril TOMMASONE of France and Nadine JAROSCH and Lisa-Katharina HILL of Germany, while Germany's Philipp BOY canceled his start by a inflammation of his wist...!
They join the previously announced Jordyn WIEBER of DeWitt, Mich./Gedderts’ Twistars USA, the 2011 World all-around champion, Alexandra RAISMAN of Needham, Mass./Brestyan’s American Gymnastics, 2011 World team gold medalist,  .. full story >>

 29-Jan-2012    Hanoi, Vietnam
Artistic Gymnastics  
 ** P r o f i l e
Phan Thi Ha Thanh dreams making it to the world top

Phan Thi Ha Thanh (VIE)

2011 is considered a golden year for the Vietnam’s Haiphong- born female gymnast Phan Thi Ha Thanh.
After winning a yault bronze medal at the 2011 World Artistic Gymnastics Championships in Tokyo, Japan, Thanh continued her outstanding performance to dominate the 26th SEA Games in Indonesia, bringing home three gold medals which earned her a berth at the 2012 London Olympics.
Being able to compete in the Olympics is a dream come true for Thanh, and she says she hopes to win a medal, or even better, come out on top at the international tournament.
Thanh says the Vietnam press, she and her colleagues will do their best to achieve this goal and begun with intensive training ...
  .. full story >>

 23-Jan-2012    Tunis, Tunisia
Artistic Gymnastics  
 * PREVIEW: 11th African Championships Artistic Gymnastics

The 11th African Championships for Juniors and Seniors in Artistic Gymnastics are scheduled for April 11 – 14, 2012, in Tunis (TUN).

Hosted by the Tunisian Gymnastics Federation (FTN), competitions will be staged at the El Menzah Sport Palace in the North of the Tunisian capital, with the Cité des Jeunes Gymnastics hall set aside for training.
  .. full story >>

 22-Jan-2012    London / Indianapolis
Artistic Gymnastics  
 The American Way to London's 2012 Olympic Games

No waiting around this year!
For the first time since the 2000 Olympics, US gymnasts and fans will know, soon after the USA Gymnastics Olympic trials (June 28-July 1) in San Jose (Calif.) , which five men and five women will represent the U.S. in London at the 2012 Olympics.
The President of the US Gymnastics Federation, Steve PENNY (photo, left) explained the timing of national Olympic qualification in informal talks at the "2012 London Prepaees" last week:
"The bottom line is the timing is conducive to selecting a full team because there are only a few weeks between the dates of our trials and the Olympic Games. We're very excited about the fact we'll leave San Jose with full teams."  .. full story >>

 19-Jan-2012    Bukarest, Romania
Artistic Gymnastics  
 Ana PORGRAS: Surprising Retirement shocked Romanians

Ana Porgras (ROU)

Romanian media reported, that the 2010 World beam champion Ana Porgras, who won the Longines "Prize for Elegance" but did not medal at the 2011 World Championships in Tokyo, announced her retirement this week.
"I could not go forward," Progras (18), told Prosport. "I felt that I physically could not - it was hard after so many injuries to take it up again."
2011 was a difficult year for Progras, who came into it riding high after victory on beam at the 2010 Worlds. At the French International, she struggled on bars and beam, her best events. Illness kept her out of the 2011 European Championships in Berlin.
By the time the World Championships came around in 2011 October, it was evident that Porgras, though an extremely elegant gymnast, was not going to contend for the all-around title due to her low difficulty full-twisting Yurchenko vault.  .. full story >>

 14-Jan-2012    London, Plovdiv
Artistic Gymnastics  
 Jordan JOVCHEV - qualified for his personally sixth Olympic Games

Bulgarian veteran Jordan Jovchev

It's unbelievable:  The Bulgarian veteran and president of the Bulgarian Gymnastics Federation, Jordan JOVCHEV  - exactly six weeks before his 39th birthday - had just qualified for his sixth Olympic Games!
With an all-around performance of 82.649 points he made ​​last week in London, at the Pre-Olympics, he will be the only one gymnast with 6 participations world wide!
<< Jordan JOVCHEV thus represents a single starter Bulgaria since his Olympic debut in 1992 at the age 18 (Barcelona) will most probably compete on rings only in the 2012 Olympic Games. Shortly after landing at Sofia Airport, Yovchev expressed his hope he would not suffer any injury while preparing for the Games and said he would do his best to make a good routine.
He is thus the male counterpart to the 37-year-old German Oksana Chusovitina, the sixth also already for her Olympic participation is qualified.  .. full story >>

 13-Jan-2011    London, Great Britain
Artistic Gymnastics  

Apparatus Finals day I + II

Following the Trampoline competitions staged earlier on Friday, January 13 at the North Greenwich Arena, participants of the Men’s and Women’s Artistic Gymnastics Apparatus Finals’ second day performed in front of a huge and supportive crowd.  The evening ended with Gold for the British host country again.
The best eight gymnasts per apparatus qualified earlier this week and competed for medals on Men’s Vault, Parallel Bars and Horizontal Bar as well as the Women’s Balance Beam and Floor.
On the first day (Thursday, 12) took place Final day one ...  .. full story >>

 11-Jan-2011    London, Great Britain
Artistic Gymnastics  
 Second Olympic Qualification, Women's Artistic Gymnastics

Happy Italians!

After the men's competitions on Tuesday took place the women's Olympic qualification on Wednesday.
The first subdivision began at 9.30 a.m. -  the fourth and last group ended late in the evening with these results:
The four nations qualified for the Olympic Games are:
Italy with 224.621 points, ahead of Canada (221.813), France (220.744) and Brazil (217.985).
Best of all-around was the 2006 world champion Vanessa FERRARI with 56,532 points ...
  .. full story >>

 10-Jan-2012    London, Great Britain
Artistic Gymnastics  
 Olympic Games Test Event started on Tuesday

British Men's Team qualified ...!

The Olympic Gymnastics Test Event will take place from the 10th-18th January 2012 and is the second and final chance for gymnasts across all three disciplines (artistic, trampoline and rhythmic) to qualify for the London 2012 Olympic Games. The test event will take place in the North Greenwich Arena.
Part of the London Prepares series, this event enables the London 2012 Organising Committee to test crucial aspects of its operations ahead of next year’s Games.
No one doubted a convincing performance of the British men's team
  .. full story >>

 23-Jan-2012    Tunis, Tunisia
Artistic Gymnastics  
 * PREVIEW: 11th African Championships Artistic Gymnastics

The 11th African Championships for Juniors and Seniors in Artistic Gymnastics are scheduled for April 11 – 14, 2012, in Tunis (TUN).

Hosted by the Tunisian Gymnastics Federation (FTN), competitions will be staged at the El Menzah Sport Palace in the North of the Tunisian capital, with the Cité des Jeunes Gymnastics hall set aside for training.
  .. full story >>

 04-Dec-2011    Ostrava / Czech Republic
Artistic Gymnastics  
 Sixth and last 2011 Artistic Gymnastic 'Challenge' in Ostrava

The completion of the new "Challenge Series 2011" of World Gymnastics Federation FIG  in continuation of the earlier World Cup circuit of single apparatus  took place in Ostrava, Czech.
At the local "Grand Prix 2011" primarily athletes of the second international row started there. So Andrei Likhovitsky (on floor) and Ivan Tsarevich (horizontal bar)  won for the most successful country Belarus.
 In the women's competition was Valeria Maksiyuta from Israel devices with victories on vault and balance beam at the most successful participant.  .. full story >>

 30-Nov-2011    Magglingen / Switzerland
Artistic Gymnastics  
 Swiss Niki Boeschenstein and Roman Gisi retiered ...

Niki Boeschenstein,
Roman Gisi (SUI)

The Swiss Gymnastics Federation (STV) informed, that the Swiss gymnasts Niki BOESCHENSTEIN and Roman GISI declared their retirements from active professional sport, their current contracts are from the gymnastics federation by mutual agreement not be renewed.

* Niki Böschenstein was a five time World Championship and seven-times European Champion participant. His greatest success was in 2005 in Debrecen rank 13 in all-around of this WCh and as finalsist of Europeans 2009 in Milan (8th on parallel bars) and 2010 in Birmingham (7th on still rings)
  .. full story >>

 27-Nov-2011    Tokyo, Japan
Artistic Gymnastics  
 Kohei UCHIMURA won his only one World Cup this year in front of Philipp BOY

- simply the best!

2011 TOKYO CUP Men's All-around
Supported by applause from his home country's crowd, Kohei Uchimura won the Tokyo Cup 2011, his first World Cup Series.
He had a few big steps on his landings on every event and some small mistakes, but stayed stable as usual.

Germany's Philip Boy placed second with a great routine on horizontal bar, scoring 16.000, the highest score of the day.

Daniel Purvis of Great Britain won a bronze medal and beat the Japanese new star, Shogo Nonomura. The leading Ukrainian in world cup ranking, Mykola Kuksenkov, came on fifth place. With a bronze medal at the Tokyo Cup, Purvis gained enough points to win the 2011 World Cup Series over Mykola Kuksenkov of Ukraine.  .. full story >>

 26-Nov-2011    Tokyo, Japan
Artistic Gymnastics  
 Huang, Qiushuang won the last World Cup and also the Ranking

Huang Qiushuang of China won the women's all-around competition of the fourth and last World Cup event of this circuit.
In Tokyo she upgraded her vault from that at the last world championships; nowshe does a double twisiting Yurchenko. She missed uneven bars (after her Jaeger sault; she stopped at her kip cast to handstand ) but she excelled on all the other events, and scored higher than 14 on each event. Winning two consecutive World Cup titles, Huang, the current leader of the World Cup Ranking, kept her lead and became the first winner of the women's all-around in the 2011 WorldCup Series.
The second place went to Yu Minobe, represented the host country. She underrotated her landing on uneven bars (double front dismount), but she performed her best routines on beam and floor. Germany's Kim Bui won the bronze medal; that was her second medal in the World Cup Series.  .. full story >>

 24-Nov-2011    Tokyo, Japan
Artistic Gymnastics  
 Tokyo Cup 2011: Fourth and last A-World Cup 2011

Mykola Kuksenkov (UKR) &
Huang, Qiushuan (CHN)
leading in WC Ranking

The ultimate event of the 2011 FIG Artistic Gymnastics World Cup series will take place in Tokyo (JPN) on November 26 – 27, with women competing on Saturday and men on Sunday- the 2011 TOKYO CUP. Hosted in the Ryogoku Kokugikan Arena the competition will not only crown the winners of the event, it will determine the All-around winners of this year’s World Cup series.
* On men's side a top roster of athletes will fight for points, specially the recurrence of the medal fight of the last Worlds in Tokyo between champion Kohei UCHIMURA vs Vice Philipp BOY (GER).
* On women's side only two gymnasts from the worlds all-around finals of the last two years will participate at this event...!  .. full story >>

 19-Nov-2011    Birmingham, Nanning
Artistic Gymnastics  
 2014 Artistic Worlds to the second time in China

*fig-news--: The International Gymnastics Federation (FIG) and the Chinese Gymnastics Association (CGA) have signed an agreement that will see China play host to the 45th Artistic Gymnastics World Championships in 2014.  .. full story >>

 18-Nov-2011    Rinteln, Stadtroda, Potsdam
Artistic Gymnastics  
 Bernd Jäger: A gymnastics innovator turns 60!

Bernd JÄGER: Gymnastics innovator

" ... Flying was developed ...!"
A man turns 60 today, whose name is very important for the development of modern gymnastics:
Bernd JÄGER showed at the 18th Artistic Gymnastics World Championships 1974 in Varna a straddled somersault fwd. on high bar. This element was named "Jaeger"- somersault. It was the first flight element in history and after it followed a development of many others on high bar.

At the European Championships 1977 in Vilnius followed the "Deltchev"-somersault by Stoyan Deltchev. One year later at the World Championships Eberhard Gienger showed the piked variation of it, which was called "Gienger"- somersault...
.. full story >>

 13-Nov-2011    Stuttgart/ Germany
Artistic Gymnastics  
 29th DTB-CUP 2011: Nogomura (JPN) wins men's World Cup /
Russia with a victory in the women's team final

Shogo Nogomura - last year
Japan's junior national
champion and now
a World Cup winner!

The 29th DTB-Pokal 2011 today presented its' highlight: In the World Cup tournament of the men the title suprisingly went to the Japanese "newcomer" Shogo Nogomura. With the score of 88.431 he narrowly remained in front of Germany's Marcel Nguyen (88.332) and Daniel Purvis (GBR / 87.931).
On the remaining ranks 4 - 8 followed Mykola Kuksenkov (UKR), Emin Garibov (RUS), Rafael Martinez (ESP), Samuel Hunter (GBR) and Germany's Philipp Boy.

Philipp Boy, the two-time all-around Vice-World-Champion and top-favourite for the title in Stuttgart, lost all chances on a medal with a fall on high-bar after which he could not finish his routine. Luckily, however, he seems to have remained without a serious injury.

After the World Cup of the men followed the women's team final. The victory went to the team from Russia in front of Australia and Germany and the fourth place was reached by the Netherlands.  .. full story >>

 12-Nov-2011    Leverkusen/Germany
Artistic Gymnastics  
 Italy wins Leverkusen-Cup - Germany gets second

Successful title holder

For the 36th time the LEVERKUSEN-CUP took place in the venue "Smidt-Arena". The title in 2011 went to the Italian team. The team from the club "Ginnastica Artistica. Lissonese“ won the cup with the score of 106.75 narrowly in front of the German team (103.20) and the team from Great Britain (99.50)

<< In the individual ranking Italy's Elisa Meneghini, the title holder from 2010, got first with 54.55 points in front of Germany's youth national champion Kim Janas (52.80).

1600 visitors saw an exciting competition on November 12th in Leverkusens "Smidt-Arena".  .. full story >>

 12-Nov-2011    Stuttgart/ Germany
Artistic Gymnastics  
 TODAY: Chinese victory in Women's World Cup at the DTB-Cup /
Russian men win team event

- the World Cup medallists

Today the third A-World Cup of the new series created by the FIG in 2011 has started with the women's all-around. After the American Cup in March in Jacksonville and the Grand Prix in Glasgow (April) now the 29th DTB-Cup in the venue "Porsche-Arena" in Stuttgart is being presented.

The Women's World Cup in Stuttgart has ended with the expected victory by China's HUANG, Qiushuang (58.032). The second place suprisingly was reached by Germany's Kim BUI (54.732), who only recently was included in the entry field to replace the injured Elisabeth Seitz. Yulia INSHINA from Russia narrowly secured herself the bronze medal (54.432) in front of Lauren Mitchell from Australia. On the places 5 - 8 follow Giulia Steingruber (SUI), Marlies Rijken (NED), Nadine Jarosch (GER) and Emily Little (AUS).

In the following final of the men's team event the Russian team won the gold medal in front of Great Britain, Germany and Switzerland.  .. full story >>

 12-Nov-2011    USA, Romania, Slovenia
Artistic Gymnastics  
 Nadia COMANECI: A legend turns 50!

in May 2011 at the 'Gymnastics Hall of Fame'

The following was told by her mother Stefania:
Nadia has always been a wild child. She was climbing on trees, riding her trike with a lot of speed and played football with the boys. For gymnastics she was discovered on February 25th 1968 in the gym in Onesti. Her first coaches were Bela and Marta Karoly. With them she stayed until the top of her career. On September 15th 1969 Nadia COMANECI reached the second place in her first gymnastics competition. One year later she became the local champion in the area. On December 5th 1971 she became Romanian national champion in her age-group. Finally on May 3rd 1975 she became a fan's favourite in the international World of gymnastics when she became European Champion in Skien/Norway. The highlight of her career took place on July 21st 1976. In Montreal she became Olympic Champion in the all-around. Five teams she got the dream score of 10.00.

Today the mother of a son and wife of the Olympic Champion in gymnastics Bart Connor in den USA belongs to the 100 most known women World-wide - and in her former home country Romania she has been a star for a long time already!
(hjz)  .. full story >>

24-Jan-2012 * PREVIEW: 16th Asian Junior Gymnastics Championships
08-Nov-2011 GYMfamily Event
29th DTB-Cup 2011: A-World Cup with innovations
04-Nov-2011 *GYMfamily-Event
PREVIEW: 36th Intern. Leverkusen Cup 2011
31-Oct-2011 **GYMfamily-Event
6. International 'Kunstturn'-Cup «erdgas art gymnastics»
29-Oct-2011 GYMfamily Event: Hamburg Gymnastics 2011:
Romania on Top - Hamburg on third place
27-Oct-2011 Ronny Z I E S M E R : 'Bachelor of Sience'!
16-Oct-2011 43rd WORLDS of ARTISTIC GYMNASTICS 2011 = Olympic Qualification
** TODAY: Apparatus Finals, Part II
- a Top Event for young female Gymnasts!
01-Oct-2011 British Artistic Worlds Team Selection 2011
25-Sep-2011 2nd finals day at the Challenger tournament in Maribor
23-Sep-2011 Qualifications at Maribor World Cup
23-Sep-2011 2011 Artistic Gymnastics World Championships team selection
11-SEP-2011 French Teams won their Meets
10-SEP-2011 Triple Meet :
Germany (men) and Romania (women) won their Pre-Worlds Warm-Up
03-SEP-2011 3rd CHALLENGE CUP at the Topsporthal Vlanderen
03-SEP-2011 Get Ready for 3 D Olympics 2012 !
30-Aug-2011 FIG Disciplinary Commission
28-Aug-2011 Philipp Boy and Elisabeth Seitz - best gymnasts at German Nationals
26-Aug-2011 Beam World Champion Ana Porgras with her third Romanian All-around Title

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